This poem was inspired by a conversation I was having with Taryn (fiction
press name - Taryn L). This poem is entitled MIDDLE SCHOOL ROMANCE.

What really is a middle school romance?
Meant to last a few weeks
Rarely lasting months
Nearly never lasting a lifetime
Why do we put up with middle school romance?
Because we're young and we want to experiment
We want to start learning new things and how to deal with a relationship
But why deal with these awful break ups?
Simple answer
People are stupid
You can't deal with them in a nice fashion without once getting angry
So many words to describe people
But the one that seems to hit in the ribs..
Few people learn to love at all in their life
Those few people ask themselves
"Why doesn't anyone love me?"
The simple answer...
Because those few people love no one
Learn to live
Then learn to love
The process in which all people should follow
But why not?
Why do people decide to not live?
Why do people decide to not love?
Simple questions
Simple answers
They never learned