Rik had long since gone to work which left Micheal home alone again, the youth sighed as he lay on his stomach on the big bed that he and Rik shared every night, his fingers trailing over the small designs on the quilt on the bed, his bottomless blue eyes half-lidded as he listened to his music, Today was Gackt day, and the song that was on right now was "Thinking under the moon", and Micheal sang along with it care freely and after a few moments, he danced along with it as well, in that large bedroom of theirs, hips swaying to the song as he chuckled inwardly to himself. If only Rik could see him now, he spun and that's when he noticed the arms about his waist and the other person dancing with him, his cheeks went bright red and he yelped, but didn't stop dancing, "Rik.what are you doing home?" he asked, blinking slightly, Rik led Micheal over to a window and chuckled, "Snow day." he stated and dipped Micheal back and smirked. "So.do you often dance while I am not at home?" Micheal chuckled, "I couldn't help it.the song whispered to me to dance.and I couldn't say no to the god that is Gackt now could I?" Rik shook his head, "No you can't little muse." he whispered and drew Micheal into a loving kiss, Micheal's knees almost gave out at the kiss and Rik knew what he did to the poor boy. "Awww, Kawaii.." he whispered against Micheal's soft and pale skin, "I want you baby." Micheal chuckled a little, "Why?" he asked in a teasing manner, "Why right now do you want me?" "Because you seduced me with your swaying hips.your dancing has made me full of lust for you." Rik started, Micheal frowned ever so slightly, "You are always full of lust for me." he stated gently. Rik nodded slowly and picked Micheal up and placed him onto the bed, "I'm going to have you now." he stated and Micheal couldn't help but giggle of all things, "shall I play 'Classic Uke' for you and struggle, I know how much you like that." he said and Rik placed a hand over Micheal's mouth and his left hand gripped the youth's shirt and he pulled back, there was a satisfying sound of cloth ripping and the white tee-shirt that Micheal was once wearing was now on the ground. Oh so Rik was in one of those moods.glee welled up in Micheal's eyes and he went to struggle away, but the hand on his mouth held down in a much firmer manner, "stay put," came the command from Rik and Micheal's eyes went wide as his pants were also pulled from his body in the same violent manner, his eyes slipped shut slowly, ~Oh gods.~ he thought, ~Thank you...thank you so much~ as a tremble ran through him and he felt his arms being lifted above his head and he soon found himself bound to the head-board again, he pulled against his bonds slightly and his eyes opened slowly, seeing Rik slip off the bed and walk out of the room a smirk upon his lips, Micheal's eyes went wide and when he saw Rik come back into the room with a lit candle he let out a soft yelp, "You found my stories." he whimpered and Rik nodded slowly, "and I liked them very much, Mike.they made me hot.and now I have to 'thank- you' for writing such beautiful stories." he whispered and slowly tipped the candle forward, the contact the hot wax had with his body caused his eyes to roll back in his head slowly and a moan-whimper to escape his lips as he pushed back ever so slightly on the bed while Rik drew upon him with the wax, humming along with the song "Vanilla" as he worked. Green eyes watching those half-lidded blue pools that drew him in every time he gazed into them. "..Rik...Rik please...." Micheal whimpered softly as he pulled at his bonds, "don't.tease so.." "Tease? Me? Heh.I'll show you 'Tease'." he whispered back to the helpless Uke and slowly he set the candle down and slipped off his shirt then his pants and he smiled at Micheal as he lifted a hand to the youth's arousal and held it firmly, leaning forward ever so slightly with his body, his manhood pressing up against the youths, Micheal let out a moan and lifted his hips slightly as he did so, Rik smirked gently and with his other hand he went back to drizzling the wax along the youth's body, causing Micheal to go out of his mind slowly. He knew of most of the boy's fetishes and he loved to fulfill every one of them, he was very surprised when he first met the boy to find out that he liked to be bound, pleasantly surprised, that is.Rik was just that kind of Seme. At the moment he had poor Micheal begging for him to finish him, "Please.please..Rik.." came that beautiful voice that always found a way to seduce Rik, "Let me come.please." Rik snickered gently and shook his head, "Not yet," he stated sharply and Micheal trembled slightly, "I don't know..how much longer..I can..hold out for..." he whimpered gently and Rik smiled softly, "Oh, fine.I'll make you Come." he whispered and slowly leaned down and took Micheal's member into his mouth and sucked at it, Micheal gasped and threw his head back as he parted his legs to let Rik have more space to move, ~bless those lips, that tongue.that...oh.just thank the gods for you Rik..~ Micheal was in heaven again, the sex between these two was always great..always mind blowing. And soon Micheal found he couldn't hold on anymore and he came and Rik smirked as he drank deeply from his lover, trembling as he did so, Micheal whispered Rik's name a few thousand times before he felt those lips upon his, tasted the salty taste of himself upon those wonderful lips, and Rik chuckled softly, as he untied the youth's wrists and nuzzled the youth's neck. "That was fast.do I turn you on that much Micheal?" Micheal, could only nod slowly, Rik chuckled softly again and lifted the youth's legs slightly, "It's my turn then," he whispered and, using some of his own pre-come he prepped Micheal then with a soft sigh of bliss, he pushed himself into the youth, Micheal gasping again as Rik moved in that powerful rhythm, both of them in bliss this time, both breathing hard, a light sheen of sweat covering them slightly. "Oh my Micheal.my sweet, sweet Micheal." Rik whispered to him as he thrusted into and out of the boy, Micheal's head tilted to the side slightly, his breathing gasps as his fingers curled upon Rik's back.

They woke up three hours later still in that embrace, Rik holding Micheal protectively in his arms, Micheal smiled gently and nuzzled closer, happy to be here at this very moment. "Aishiteru Rik-Seme." came the beautiful whisper. "Aishiteru Micheal." came the reply. And they both lapsed back into sleep again.outside the snow fell silently.