It all started when Nicki sugested they play a drinking game, Azriel, of course, was puzzled, he had never played one of those before...what was the point...Nicki never mentioned it, he just told the rules, they would ask eachother riddles, if one couldnt get one...then....they would take a drink from the bottle.... Now, the bottle that they used had been a gift from Ti to Nicki, kina like a 'Welcome home' kinda thing. and, to quote our dear Ti, "That is some strong stuff". When nicki had inquired about the contents of the bottle, Ti managed a "What bottle," then winked and faded off, leaving his usual feathers behind.... Now three glasses later, Azriel lay on his back looking up at the sky, Nicki had stumped him three times, and Azriel's vision was getting kinda bleery...or was it blurry. "It's hot in here..." he muttered and pulled his robes off, and frowned slightly, that wasn't cutting he reached down and pulled off his boots....soon the only article of clothing he was wearing was his black pants....but soon they were off too, he smiled at Nicki and then giggled softly, placing his hands over his face as he sat up and took the bottle in his hand and took another drink...he then set the bottle down and crawled over to Nicki, leaning over him, "You....look yummy..." he stated simply and before Nicki knew it, the scenery had changed and they were in Azriel's room, on that soft bed, that familliar soft bed. Well, this was a new side to Azriel...normally he wasn't this playful now was he? hands rested on Nicki's shoulders, pinning him down as he leaned forward and nibbled and nuzzled Nicki's neck, tasting the sweet flesh there and wanting more...soooo this was Azriel's drunk side....very sensual and touchy- feely....more so than...usual. He decided that...perhaps the neck wasn't the only place on his lover that tasted as sweet, so he decided to find out, exactly where else his little cherub sweetness source was, he made short work of Nicki's shirt, very short work, hmmm, he would have to get another one later.....yet, Az didn't seem to care about that right now, his lips and teeth were busy examining the sweet cherub's chest, while his hands were busy pulling at the pants that bound the wingless angel's lower half. All the while, he could feel that nicki was enjoying this emmensily. When his lips found Nicki's hip the pants simply just vanished slowly, so Nicki could feel them evaporating, slowly unravling, then nothingness.... Crimson eyes glanced up at glazed sapphire, a smile from the both of them, then Az continued his "Quest"....and such a quest it was as well, for he left no part unexplored by his lips, tongue and teeth, rejoycing at the trembles he felt his actions were bringing from his angel. Then he reached Nicki's manhood and he ran his fingers along it with a soft purrrring sound, "perhaps this? yesss this could be the source of all the sweetness?" he asked as lips closed around it. We can all guess where things led from there can't we? ~Smirks~ In the morning, Azriel woke up in Nicki's embrace, both were kinda sticky and Az had a killer headache...Nicki however made a mental note to himself to keep in contact with Ti...for that stuff could come in handy some other time.