He managed to crawl into the chucrh a bloody mess, his robes torn and dirty with blood, his own and....he shuddered at the thought and pulled them off and threw them to one side, in a heap as he stumbled into the bathroom finding a stone tub and he filled it with water as he choked back his tears, pulling off the rest of his clothes, some stuck to his skin due to the dried blood and the wounds there..a criy of pain as he rips one of the wounds open again and he tosses the rest of the clothes to the side, settling down in the water which was quickly tinted red. Washed my hands of crimes

Pour the water over my skin, my spine

Cleans my soul and ease my mind

I've been fixed all the damage done

Why do I always forget how far I've come? The pain he felt as he clesnsed himself was pale in comparising to the pain his heart felt for killing his elder brother...he killed his own flesh and blood....he shook his head and listened to the water fall, repeating to himself, "It was a mercy killing." but no sooner than he spoke those words he heard once again the snapping sound of Gabriel's neck, the warm gush of blood that he knelt in, the scent of Gabriel's hair as he clutched the head in his arms and just sobbed.

I'm done dying for the past

I'm done dying for the past Why? why did he care?........he knew the answer....they were the same....totally, both of them had been used by the darkness, both of them had been "killed" by it...only to be released by another....He by Azriel and Gabriel by himself...a shudder and he ran a hand over his temples, remembering those dark and far off days, when he was just as corrupt as Gabriel was....when he too, took so much pleasure in the pain others felt.... A whimper and he submerged himself, pushing those thoughts away....new thoughts taking thier places....of his new "family" of Nicki and Zanne...of Azriel....yes....the were his family now....and he would do all he could to protect them.

Sins all forgiven now

Let's call an even ????

Can't you judge me for my love

And not mistakes I've made

I swear by who I am and not by yesterday yet, not all of them felt that way, Nicki for example....Aki knew that he was still on shaky ground with that one...that Nicki despised him for what he did so long ago....the water in the tub rushed over the side, being that Aki didn't turn it off....it washed over everything in the cathedral's bathroom and spreaded outwards...like a pool of clear blood.

I'm done dying for the past

I'm done dying for the last time

The last time, the last time, the last time he heard a dark chuckle in his mind and broke surface of the bath, sputtering and shaking his head from side to side, slapping his own face with his long black hair and he let out a soft sigh and reached out, placing his hand to the faucet and turning it off.

In between black and white I disappear

Circled around the stone until I landed here He reached a decision...he would stay in this cathedral....this temple...away from it all, keeping those he loved safe and the ones who hated him.....happy. He let out a soft sigh and pulled himself out of the water, the wounds on his body healing, yet he let them scar, reminders to him that death, more often than not...is the only way out. and he walked, naked, to another room, looking it over he opened a closet and found some beautiful robes of finest silk, finer even than Azriel's, of an off-white in color, with lavender. he pulled them on, they fitted him perfectly....as if they were made for him, and he turned back to the bathroom and took the clothes in there and brought them outside.... Aki Sharioun would die this night....he set the clothes, damp with pain, blood, water and fear and he lifted a hand, the clothes burst into flames and with them dying....Aki Corintari was once again born...a simple Priest with powers frighteningly strong.... Yet he wouldn't use them....the necromancy still beat within his soul....but so did the reflection of that art....and only when he was bidded to...would he call upon thier powers...... a rain started up and he bowed his head, it's soft music running over his clensed skin and not burning him as it would have in his past..... he was free.....

I'm done dying for the past

I'm done dying for the past

I'm done dying

I'm done for the last time ...........free................