It was busy there, hell, it was always busy. People coming and going, spirits all confused because they had no idea what was going on or where they were. The offices were always full, trying to get people in and out as fast as they can, all the offices, with one exception. The office of Sasuke Miria, Head of the sorting department of Purgatory, was always one at a time, one on one talking sessions. Sasuke never sent someone up or down due to how much he liked the spirit he was meeting, and at the moment he was dealing with a 12 year old little girl, with long black hair, a white dress, and green eyes. He was going through her profile, reading her good deeds and her bad deeds. "So, Maria Asano Langly, that's your name correct?" he asked, his voice like spring rain, sweet and refreshing. The little girl nodded slowly and was about to speak when there was a knock on the door. "It's open, but I'm busy.." Called Sesuke, and the door opened and a young man stepped in side, his had shoulder length blonde hair and icy blue eyes. "Sorry to bother you Sa..but..I need to go through your files and.." He paused and looked at the girl, "isn't it a little early for you to be here?" he asked and Sasuke cleared his throat. "What are you looking for Lou?" "It's Louis when you're working, and I'm looking for Regan Serian Kolins Prof...Daliei got him and she's in a tizzy again, 'I can't find the file' and 'Get me that file'.you know how she is." Sasuke blinked and tilted his head to one side, "She's a judge and she can't call up files? Who approved her?" Louis shrugged and then turned to the girl, "You're a little young." "Lou, here's your file, get out of here.." Sasuke snapped and the "Secretary" left the room, file in his arms. "Who was that man?" the little girl asked and Sasuke smiled sadly, "Louis Freyin.the recorder of Purgatory..poor guy.." He said and walked around and sat down on the desk, "Maria? Is it true you committed Suicide?" he asked gently. Maria nodded slowly, and that caused Sasuke to pull in a slow breath, he held her file on his knees, "Is that bad?" "It's a mortal sin to take your own life.that weighs heavily against you." he said gently, "and you have done nothing but good in your life, you tried to make your mother and father stop fighting, you got good grades, you never stole anything or started a fight.and you walked away when people teased you or tried to start fights, but..the whole Suicide thing.." He shakes his head slowly, his long black hair falling past his sepia eyes. "So, I'm going to hell?" Maria asked, her tone scared now. "I could get you a job here, until you work off your sin." he said gently, looking right at her, "why did you do it..and did you let anyone know?" "You have the file." "I don't want to read it, I want you to tell me." Maria nodded, "I told my Skool psychiatrist, I told mummy and daddy, I told my big brother..but no one believed one ever I did it." Sasuke slowly closed the file and shook his head left then right. "I'll get you a job here." he said gently and handed her a green ticket, she took it and faded away, she would be dealt with later. Sasuke picked up the phone, dialed two numbers and waited. Main Gate, Exodus speaking "Exodus, this is Sasuke, is there anyone else in limbo?" No, no one waiting as of now.hey Sa.I just wanted to say.I'm sorry for what I did to you. Sasuke growled softly and hung up the phone, then crossed his arms and laid his head down on the desk. "My life stinks." "This way Steven." came the cheerful voice of Ti and Sasuke lifted his head, blinked, great, he must have fallen asleep, "this is your of the best.Sasuke Miria," the door opened and two men stepped in, one was around the age of 18 and he wore a white fur shirt and blue jeans, the other was a middle-aged man with his hands behind his back and long golden hair. Sasuke looked him over then turned to the filing cabinet and pulled it open, "Sa, you look marvelous today." Ti said with a chuckle, "you doing anything tonight?" "Yes," Sasuke said dully, "I'm checking people over.and sending them up or down." "Oh, right." a chuckle and Ti bowed and left the room. "So you are Steven Markwrite..nice to meet you.let's go over your..." he opened the file and stood up, shaking his had, " are going down.." He said simply, Steven blinked and stood up. "You can't send me down! I didn't do anything." "You killed your own wife and children, you stole for pleasure, and you raped and killed 18 children, all between the ages of 6 and 15.." "How do you know all that?" Steven asked taking a step back. "Because your endeavors, no matter how small or large, are recorded and kept on file here.and you sir, are going down.." Sasuke said and gave the man a red card, and he faded away. Sasuke glared at the file and it faded away, he slowly slipped to the ground with his head in his hands. "I don't understand," he whispered, "How can there be such people on the wasn't supposed to be like this." he said and a few tears ran down his cheeks. Two hours later there was a knock on his door, Sasuke looked up and saw Maria standing there, "Thank you Mr. Miria sir." she said gently, she was wearing a black dress and flat black shoes. "I'm working here now.would you like some co." she trailed off seeing his tears. "why are you crying?" Sasuke smiled at her, "Because I'm tired." he said and stood up, picking up the phone and pushing one button, "This is Miria Sasuke.I'm calling it a night." he said and then hung the phone up and walked over to Maria, "Congrats and welcome to the family." he said and walked past her, she followed and he closed his office door and locked it. Then he turned and faded. It was just another "day" in purgatory.