Sedia leaned forward slightly and was about to go right for Toushi and the Poison Drake but Carina held out an arm and stopped him. "Must you always think with your blade? Father taught us better." he started, but Sedia smirked and pushed Carina back, "Not this time brother, this time they did something a friend of mine and you Do not do that." he said sharply and as he moved for Toushi, Ti went for the other dragon master, running at full speed then sliding and bringing both his feet and his staff up into the silent Assassin's jaw and sending him sprawling. There was clang as Toushi's dagger stopped Sedia's sword. They locked eyes and then Toushi gave the order, "Asoep..kill..I don't care how..just do it!" and that's when Seikai got angry. "ENOUGH!" he shouted. The room went silent, both Ti and Sedia took a step back, Carina stood with his hand to his head, shaking it back and forth, "I can not belive you sometimes Seed!" he snapped and looked at Seikai and bowed deeply, " Allow me to apologise for my foolish brother's actions Lord Akimari." he started and Ti tapped Seed on the shoulder, "What is his problem anyway?" "He's not into the whole fighting killing hurting thing." "So he thinks that these guys are going to listen?" Seed just smiled and pushed his fingers through his long red bangs. "We'll see.." "That's strange," Kurgan said as he sat down on a chair, "They really should have been back by now," he said, eyes on his pocket watch. "wonder what's keeping them." Louis walked back into the room, dressed and looking a little better now. "Where's Ti?" he asked, Kurgan seemed to go a little more pale before he looked up at Louis. "I'm not going to lie to you Louis." he started, then stood up, tucking his pocket watch away, "The Assassin's have him, my sons were supposed to go and get him back for me.but they.haven't returned yet." Louis took a step back and placed his hands over his heart, he shook his head back and forth. "no..No..he isn' he?" he whispered and slipped to his knees, he then looked up at Kurgan and pushed up onto his feet again, walking out of the room and into the hallway and into the piano room, he sat down at it and let his fingers grace the keys, his lips parted, "May this song give you hope to come back," he whispered, then he sang, his voice was as alluring as a siren's as sweet as the spring rain, and as gentle as the twilight. "I had a dream that I could fly I can feel each moment as time goes by We'd never be too far away, You would always be here, I heard you say I never thought Thought that it would be our last goodbye, our last goodbye, I still can dream That one day love will fall out from the sky Do you still remember all the time that has gone by? do you believe? Do you still believe that love can fall out from the sky? If from where you're standing, you can see the sky above I'll be waiting for you, if you still believe in love do you still believe? Find a way to bring back yesterday Find a way to love I hope we stay When tomorrow becomes today Love will find a way I'll be waiting for you, in my heart you are the one If I cannot find you, I will look up to the sun do you believe, do you believe? If from where you're standing, you can see the sky above I'll be waiting for you, if you still believe in love Do you believe? Do you believe? Do you still remember all the time that has gone by? Do you still believe that love can fall out from the sky? If from where you're standing, you can see the sky above do you believe? I'll be waiting for you, if you still believe in love Do you believe?" Kurgan stood in the doorway to the piano room, mouth agape, so Louis was the muse that had escaped paradise and found a place in limbo. A smile parted Kurgan's lips and he tilted his head to one side, as the song finished he slowly walked over to the blonde and placed his hands to the youth's shoulders, "Amazing." he whispered, "Amazing little muse.just amazing." Louis looked up at Kurgan and shook his head, fear creeping back into his eyes, "Don't..send me back..please.." he whispered and Kurgan chuckled, "I wouldn't dream of are happy here..and I can tell you care for Ti very do know that he wants to be a muse right?" another soft laugh and he helped Louis to his feet. "Shall we go find him?" Louis nodded and the duo rippled like water fading into and out of the exisitance and the Imagination.

"So you decided to visit me?" asked the man with the long black hair, it had a lovely purple sheen to it, as he lifted the white teacup to his lips, his pale purple eyes upon Exodus and Sasuke, "Because of your troubled dreams, and because of who and what I am." he said softly, a few black cherry blossoms danced by, kissing his cheek before they danced past the two from Purgatory. "I must admit, it's not my department, more my elder brother Ambroses, or perhaps James? No.James is more into Seducing and leaving people breathless." a slow nod as he continued to sip at his tea. "Did you concider asking Xain?" he asked, he sounded tired. "Vincent, you know that I don't trust anyone in your family more than have always been there to offer help." Sasuke said as he knelt in front of Vincent, who ever kept his vigile in front of the tree. "The powers plan on taking purgatory away.and my dreams.they keep on getting more and more violent." "Take away purgatory?" came the gentle voice of Xain as he dropped down from his room window and landed next to Vincent, almost giving Vincent a heart attack in the process. "Will you please not do that?" he asked sharply and went back to sipping his tea. Xain flashed his usual brillian smile and nodded. "I don't know why the powers desire to do such a thing.I mean..without Purgatory and as we know it would just go..-poof-.." He crossed his arms over his chest and bowed his head, his high top hat slipping down slightly, blocking his twilight eyes from view. Exodus blinked a little, he had never entered the dreaming-nightmare before, so this was all very confusing for him. "I shall have words with the powers." Xain said and turned around, "Wish me luck brother." he said with a giggle and then -poofed- Vincent finished his tea and leaned against the tree, letting out a soft sigh. "You don't seem yourself my friend." Sasuke said gently, Vicnent closed his eyes, "I can't leave the Dreaming'll kill me." he said gentle and Sasuke stood up slowly. "Vincent, did you ever leave in the first place?" ".....on occasion." He said and ran his fingers along the bark of the tree. "Well, it was good seeing you again, I thank you for your assistance Vincent," Sasuke said and both he and Exodus left the dreaming.

"Who the hell were they!?" Exodus asked, eyes wide in shock. "The Angelkillers.lords of the dreaming and the nightmare.." Sasuke said softly, "you recall Victory and Sophi right? They went up, but they told me to watch their children.." He said gently and walked towards his office. He had a head-ache again.