Note: Alright I have to admit this. I BRAG ALL THE TIME!!! Sorry I just can't help it! And also if you haven't already noticed. I yell a lot! That's because I maybe Hawaiian but I still have that good Old Italian blood in me Whoop, whoop! To the Italians! This is my diary. All of the stuff in it is 100% true. Things that have happened to me in the past, things I want to happen and my most guarded secrets. (Don't ask me WHY I'm posting up a diary for the world to see) because I honestly don't know lol read away!

About me

--Dear Diary,

Today was the fifth time in two weeks someone mistaken my ethnic background. No I'm not Mexican! And does it really matter? I carry my father's blood; I'm Hawaiian a small town Oregon girl feeding off memories of her home land 'Kawii' a part of the Hawaiian Islands. It wasn't easy for me at first to adapt to this place. The weather is what got to me I hated the cold, damp, type air and it was unfamiliar. Sure it rained at Kawii also withholding one of the dampest place in the world but it was never COLD always warm whether that being Humid or dry.

Leaving the Island at the age of eight was both saddening and exciting. I wanted to go to the American continent really bad but I didn't want to leave our little island. Leaving my grandparents was the hardest part also leaving my cousins, aunts, and uncles. Pretty much my whole family behind, but leaving to a bigger and new place felt all the more worth it, of course I was only eight so things like moving caught my attention pretty fast. I hated stepping out of that plane. I couldn't stand how cold it was. Early December and I was freezing, I've only felt cold a very few times in my life at the islands and here I was standing outside of a plane in the cold.

I can remember people staring at us funny. Dad said it was because we were wearing shorts and short sleeved shorts in the winter time. I was angry because I've never had to deal with this. I didn't even get to take in the land or Oregon as we drove to our house awaiting us. I was angry all of us were, my brothers never said anything, we all kind of listened to my mother babble away about how fun this was going to be. She kept saying stuff like. "There's going to be malls and more space. It won't be so humid and we get to visit grandma and grandpa by driving down to California. None of us seemed thrilled. We haven't seen our grandparents before, the only grandparents we've seen and grew to love was our grandparents in Kawii.

I think dad was a little upset about Oregon too. He wasn't saying anything and he didn't turn on the music like he always does when we drive. The only reason why he agreed to move to Oregon 'under moms orders' was because he was getting a better paying job, he had told mom that the idea was nice but I knew differently, I knew he didn't like this place. (Not giving the EXACT place) the part of Oregon we moved into is called Portland. First we drove through a part of town with tall buildings that's when it got fascinating. All 7 of my brothers and I pressed our faces to the window and stared at the buildings. My mom and dad were also taken aback. In Kawii the tallest building is a fancy hotel for tourist. But the hotel compared to this was made the hotel seem like NOTHING. Longer hours and we finally turned down an empty road. The road went from smooth to gravel in seconds. We moved out into the country fields after fields past by making us all stare in Awe. Kawii is made up of nothing but country land pretty much its nickname is the island of GARDENS so the land wasn't TOO surprising. But it still amazed us to see such wonderful country land.

We finally arrived at our new house, a lot bigger than our beach cabin that's for sure. Unpacking was a drag but my brothers were occupied by playing out in the fields. I of course tagged along. It wasn't long before we ALL got homesick everyone of us wanted to leave back home to our real home. So therefore mom and dad figured away to get to the coast, we all went so our homesickness were eased.

Once there all my brothers and I rushed for the water. The color of the water was different instead of bright see-through blue water it was greenish grayish but we shrugged it off and rushed into the water. The water came to knee high before we ran out almost in tears. The water was beyond cold making our legs numb into white swollen legs. We all shivered for the first time in a long time then I was the one who lost it. I started to cry and hard to I hated this I couldn't bare this place anymore.

December past day by day Mother was getting us arranged in schools while we played mainly indoors because it was too cold to play outside. That's when we saw it. I wasn't sure what it was at first but then I remembered learning about it in school and in books, sometimes grandpa even told us about it through stories. White, cold. SNOW! It was December after all so it didn't surprise most of the Oregon people but to us it was our first time witnessing snow. My brothers went out playing in the snow without proper snow gear but we didn't really care. We loved the snow playing in it for our first time. It was probably a funny sight seeing dark tan little kids running around in slushy wet snow. Other kids weren't as thrilled as we were as they came outside to play as well. In fact they seemed bored as where we did everything we read in stories and heard what kids did in snow.

Barry, my year younger brother, and I made our first snowman. Danny and Guy my two oldest brothers, had a snowball fight, and the rest of the kids made snow angels and snow balls. I loved winter it became my favorite season. That's when it got boring, the first week was fun playing in the snow every day until late night. But then it made us sick, I hated the winds, and I didn't like the stupid cold I got. I only played outside rarely and usually by myself. One day I went outside walking back and forth in the snow feeling bored. That's when I heard.

"Hello wanna buy some books?" I turned around to see a little girl dressed in a pink snowsuit. She had bluish greenish eyes, honeyish blond hair, and very white skin. She was one of the whitest girls I've ever seen before. Not even the tourist that came around the islands looked half as white as she did.

Tucked under her arm was a box full of books. I stared at the box for awhile then I said. "My names Allie what's yours?" The girl probably thought I was foreign or something because she kept eyeing me. But I of course eyed her back curiously. She responded "Ada" I said the name a few times to myself liking the way it sounded off my tongue. Then I said "wanna play?" The girl completely forgot about the books and immediately started to play. She taught me games that we played in the snow. And come to find out she only lived three houses down from me. Ada and I became BEST long life friends even today she's my friends.

But our friendship is really special. We aren't goody, goodies that can get away with everything and we aren't the type of friends that are only considered friends if you smoke or do drugs. The kind of friends we are weird friends or loser friends. Ada and I became really popular in school by being completely losers and class clowns. Ada is the prep one and I'm the one everyone finds ANNOYING but that's why they love me. lol

Adapting to Oregon took time but I did eventually. I always look tan making people think I'm Mexican they call me spik when they get pissed off at me so those types of things really get to me. There lucky I don't tell my Mexican friends what comes out of there mouths but I won't because I'm not going down to there level.

People think that I'm pretty tough because of the words I use and because I'm tall making it easy for me to tower over anyone I want. But the truth is. I'm a wimp sadly I don't even know how to punch right. Lol actually I probably could if you pissed me off well enough.. That's on rare occasions *wink, wink*

So about me.?

- I don't label myself anything, I'm not a PREP!!!! Nor am I punk, Goth,
or anything else. I hate labels there just as bad as raciest (however
you spell that) comments. If I was to label myself as anything it
would be skater-or-weird. When I say the word 'popular' I don't mean I
think the world evolves around 'me' although everyone knows it does
lol. When I say popular I mean FRIENDS! And a lot of them to, I have
friends from skaters, to weird, all the way back to computer nerds,
and bookworms. I'm extremely shy! The only people that know me are my
siblings and friends oh yeah. you guys to because I'm not afraid to
express myself through writing. I'm only loud and annoying when Ada's
there to watch my back. But if know one I truly know is around then
I'm quieter then a mouse (no lie, no lie)

Well that's it about me really. I didn't include a lot of detail but. whatever. also remember I said that I love to BRAG about myself and stuff.. Well I meant that so I'll be updating this A LOT. I know, I know, this first (dear diary) page didn't really sound that much like a diary. It was more like a story flow, but later on it should pull together in a more diary form. Until next time. BYE

Heads up! next chapter will be talking about all the details on how my trip at Louisiana went so stay tuned!