Revolution to the Origin

Without you I am sorrowful, lonely,
And desolate in my heart. I might be,
anyway, except for that one and only
thing that when you're gone will keep me
company--the wintry wind's soft whisper,
the heralding call of the great outdoors
to which I am compelled to go forever.
It summons me to behold its splendor
even if I never leave my back yard.
The sun and moon and trees seem so inert
and constant that even a heart so scarred
as mine may find in bare nature comfort.
I love this beautiful wonder, it's true:
Sometimes, I think, more than I love you.

Author's Notes: Well...this was for English class. It kind of sucks, I think, but it's supposed to be a Shakespearean sonnet, anyways. It probably doesn't fit the bill all that well, but hey, so sue me. Written for some assignment, I don't know when. I like its predecessor (which was the WRONG format...also posted) much better, but I like the title. Come on. REVOLUTION TO THE ORIGIN, man. Like Dark Falz music...? PSO...? Aw, nevermind. Thanks for reading!! ~MJ