By:Andrew Troy Keller

Sometimes,one never thinks about today.
Instead,they would rather think about yesterday.
They would rather live in the past,
To make sure that it really lasts,
And in order to recall a certain day.

This one person was Miss Cyntha Day,
A woman who have had a most unusual day.
Her son was a teen-age disc-jockey,
Who she had wanted to be a player of hockey,
In a really big way.

'Tis a garage sale that she have had,
In order to buy hockey stuff for her lad
But,her son had said,"Mom,I'm sorry.
I really wanted to remain being a DJ.I'm so very sorry."
And,that had made his mother feel sad.

She had told her kid,
That when he was a little kid,
He had wanted to slice
Right through the ice.
At least,that was only when he was a little kid.

So,you've had noticed what happens when one of our cast
Decides to live in the past,
And causes her kid's
Wheels of the future to skid
Way too fast.

Luckilly,from the store known as 'Off The Sports Rack,'
The son had sold the hockey stuff back.
And the time had come,
For him to tell his mom,
That he had given the stuff back.

He also had to tell her,on that day,
That she has to live for today,
For it was not right for one to forever live in yesterday.
It's just not healthy that way.