Deja Vu

This all happened before—
The same situation
And the same result
It's just another bad case of déjà vu
With my heart and soul left black and blue
I swear, this all happened before
Her and him entwined
In a loving, relaxing embrace
And me left, standing and watching
Helpless to do anything
That's the story of my life, ain't it?
An endless cycle of loss and sadness
A never-ending winter storm
Fueling the cold mounting in every inch of my being—
Freezing the warmth out of my heart
It's déjà vu…
Because I've felt this all before,
This feeling of hopeless helplessness;
It's the quicksand in which my hopes and dreams
Will be infinitely entrapped…
It's déjà vu…
Me, watching them
Without the strength in my heart to say a word,
Forever helpless as, again, my heart shatters…