Why do we wear make-up?
Is it just for show?
Or is there something deeper?
Than how dark mascara goes?

Does the foundation hide the past?
The powder cover our sins?
The blush is what makes us forget,
So many dreadful things.

The eye shadow covers the marks,
Of long lost sleep,
To many restless nights,
Too many dreams to deep.

Lipstick hides the last kiss,
Black tears down your face,
Wipe away with your hand,
Dismiss the blackened lace.

Brush your hair out the door,
You have a life you must adore,
Leave the tears far behind,
Leave them all for a different time.

Apply the makeup which hides you,
Show not your self, show not you,
Apply the mask, wipe away the tears,
You have your makeup, and all to fear.

By Siobhan
Date: 11/May/2004