::Despair Embodied - 2004::

You say that I have changed
But I haven't
Still the same me
All that has really changed
Is your perception of me
Your ideals of what I should be.
Time passes
And we are changing from day to day
I clearly don't live up
To your expectations anymore
But I won't apologise for that
I'd expect no apology from you.
I'm growing up
And my emotions and personality
Are growing with me
That's all
Nothing major or unnatural.
If you've suddenly decided
That you don't like that way that I am
Then I respect your decision
After all
You're changing too.
Times change
And you have to keep up with them
Or you'll fall behind
That's all I'm doing
Keeping up
If you don't like it
Don't live with it
I'm not labelled
I have nothing to tell you
What I am
I have always been what you see
When you look into my eyes
But if you refuse
To look any deeper
Than your stubbornness and pride will allow
That's your problem
Not mine.
So take a good look
Then tell me what you see
And perhaps think twice
Before applying your hypocritical attitude
And implying that time
Has stood still for you alone
And know this:
I am who I am
Not who you want me to be.