My Love

For years I am alone,
Never looked, Never wanted,
Another relationship.

For years I am single,
Just myself, Not thinking of,
Another relationship.

Then she came,
I made sure,
I love her,
I LOVE her!

I courted her,
I came to know her,
She came to know me.
I don't like some things,
Things that will turn-off others.

Yet I love her,
Despite of those things.
I saw something,
Which the others have not.
She replied,
She returned my love,
We became one.

Now I lost her,
'Twas my mistake.
My fault and my sin,
That one became two.

I still love her, I DO love her.
Though now we are not one,
She will always be my one.

I will always love her,
I will always be here for her.
I may have made mistakes,
I may have wronged her.

I caused her pain,
I will never understand her pain.
This I can only say,
I repented, I was humbled.

I love you my dear,
I love you very much.
I hope you can forgive me,
Let's give love another chance.

You may not love me anymore,
But you will always be my love.
I promise you something has changed,
Let me show it – the changes.

Let's not waste this love,
The love that brought us together.
This love that binded us together,
Let's give another chance my love.

I will say this again,
and say it a hundred times,

I love you
Ini-ibig kita

Copyright © 2004 JC John Sese Cuneta.