Lonely Days, Lonely Nights
(no more, no more)

Lonely days, lonely nights
No more, no more.

The sun will rise, a new dawn it brings
To many it's happiness, to us it's sadness.
The day goes on, I desire only you.
The day will end, I desire only you.

As the night passes by, I look above at the stars
The light that traveled times ago, carries our memories past.
We laughed, we cried, we fought, we survived
Love endured, Love prevailed.

Now we're torn apart, separated by anger, miles away from each other.
I live by day and night without you by my side.
I want you, I need you.
Love hear me, like you,

"no more, no more of these
lonely days and lonely nights."

Copyright © 2004 JC John Sese Cuneta.