A/N: Another Song Yo! R+R... This one is called Forget I Was With You!

Memories and new begginings

One thing I hate is you

cause you don't accept

anything I do

You left me saying were friends

you bitch

I hate you

you left me for somebody

who acts just like me

but you're so stupid cause you couldn't see

but don't you see that you're the only one

that makes me feel this way

I don't want to beleive

anything you say


I'm gonna forget that I was ever with you

and there's nothing that you can possibly do

I'm gonna be happy that you broke up with me

because you're stupid and I can't beleive what you can not see

You know I don't care for you


I hate you

You think that we are friends

that is a joke

and everyone knows that

you are a hoax

(Repeat Chorus:)

Times have changed and so have I

I found the truth behind your lie

You can lie to me all you want

It doesn't matter to me

Cause I hate you no matter what

(Repeat Chorus:)

R+R PLEASE! This is my newest song I wrote it on 5/11/04!