Slum City's Girl

She walked along with her head down Darting furtive looks back over her shoulder, was she being followed? Could someone possibly be stalking her, peering out from behind open news papers? Calmly jogging by with destructive intent in their heart, murder on their mind.

She shivered and folded her arms across her small chest. The wind had kicked up for a second , tasting of steamed alkali wastes. Traffic passed by in a throbbing blast of motion and sound. Big trucks bounced over pot holes kicking up dry arid dust and flinging it her face as she moved along the boarded up shop fronts. Other pedestrians eyed her suspiciously as they passed.

At the corner the traffic light winked red and the crosswalk flashed go. She stepped out into the street with a disgruntled mother juggling and armload of groceries while two querulous children clung to her flapping coat tail. They were filthy creatures those children. The remnants of some sweet filled breakfast smeared with mucus coated their little faces. One stared up at the girl and wiped her disgusting runny nose on her mothers coat hem. The other grinned nastily showing a row of little yellowed teeth .

She could feel it in them too, that desperation. That deception of normality of acceptance. It thrived here, adorning this city with its falsified views. Throwing its deadly creepers neglect and destruction amongst the impoverished. Thicker in the air than the smoke and pollution of this small suburb where project buildings soared sky high and those to down trodden to keep up the pace of progress fading back into the distance only to find themselves huddled in rags around a burning trash can or begging for their every meal with no thoughts of the future. Trying to scavenge what's left of their dignity by making the best of what they have.

She crossed another intersection and stepped into another world. The scenery had greatly changed. Where once abandoned cars on cinderblocks and discarded trash lined streets while hungry eyed apartment buildings peered down at those who passed by now towering glass walled structures closed in on all sides their heads held so high that they cant see the well dressed business men and women hurrying by purposefully. These buildings seemed to glow in their own reflective importance. Even those who scurried down below clutching briefcases with their eyes glued to glittery watches and electronic devices permanently attached to their ears hands and hips seemed to not know or fail to recognize the disproportion of this city. This single macrocosm of all man kind.

But she is the catalyst that will get the world moving. Set the universe astir remove the veils from truths. She staggers now. Its amazing that she's made it this far. This high up from the bottom where the darkness closed in locking her away from her dreams. Denying her the beauty, the equality, the peace she knew exists. Now here she is, in an elevator heading to the third floor hiding the bruises on her face. Embarrassed and disgraced she shelters here. Behind closed doors she groans and hope to never return home. Never walk those barren streets again. But she knows there is no hope to those wishes. Although she tries she can never abandon her roots and drag herself away. She couldn't leave the others behind still fighting a loosing battle while she rescued from despair sits on high and forgets. No, she would go back.

She would make a difference. Start a ripple that would extend eternally outwards until the whole world was moving on the same wave.