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The Rabbit and the Wolf

There was once, one day, a rabbit and a wolf, who met suddenly under a tree, getting a drink of water from the underlying spring. The rabbit, always cautious, darted behind the tree and stared at the wolf for a moment, trying to decide if it was safe to drink next to it. The wolf, who was always a great listener, sensed the rabbit's presence, and turned to look at it.

"Hello there, little rabbit," he said slyly, looking it right in the eye.

The rabbit, terrified that it had been noticed, hid behind the tree.

The wolf laughed softly. "There's no need to be shy, little rabbit," he said. "I know you're there. Come out and talk to me."

When the rabbit did not move he added "It is impolite not to answer someone when they talk to you, little rabbit. You are hurting my feelings. Please come out."

The rabbit, still terrified, slowly came out from behind his tree. Scared as he was, it was in a rabbit's nature to be kind and polite, and he was no different from any other rabbit. "Hello Mr. Wolf," he said in a soft voice, rubbing his white paws together nervously.

The wolf smiled. "That's more like it," he said. "And you're so polite. Such a nice little rabbit you are. If you would leave the shelter of your tree there, I would be much pleased if you joined me in a drink of water under this here tree."

The rabbit twitched slightly, continuing to rub his paws together, before saying "I don't know if I should. You are a wolf. And even a rabbit as young as me know what wolves like to eat for dinner."

"And what might that be, little rabbit?" Asked the wolf, taking a few licks of water.

"Well, you know," answered the rabbit slowly. "You and your kind eat rabbits. Rabbits like me."

"It is true that wolves eat rabbits, but you are too young. Too tender a morsel. I would never dream of eating you, little rabbit."

"How can I know that?" The little rabbit asked cautiously. " My parents have always told me never to trust a wolf. How can I know that you won't eat me when I get close enough to you?"

The wolf turned his face from the rabbit, who could tell by the sounds that the wolf was crying.

"You are cruel, little rabbit," the wolf sobbed. "I have done nothing to you, and yet you are mean to me because I have eaten other rabbits. I have already told you that I would never eat you, for you are too young and sweet. But you still will not believe me, and I am forced to sit here and drink from this spring all by myself. You are very unkind to me."

"I am very sorry," cooed the little rabbit. "And I ask your forgiveness for being so rude. You are right. You have done nothing to me, and it is wrong for me to be shy just because of things you might have done to others. Who says that you will eat me? You seem very nice, anyway. Sure, then. I will be happy to sit and drink beside you."

The little rabbit jumped out from behind his tree and started hopping towards the wolf.

Instantly, the wolf leaped out at the rabbit and gobbled it up in one bite. Rubbing his stomach, he said, "I told you you were a tender morsel. You should have listened to those before you."

The moral of this story, is to never trust a known enemy.

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