This is yet another metaphorical poem. Yet again it came to me in a boring
French lesson.which reminds me, for all those interested in the lives of
others - I had my French GCSE went bad.very bad.but oh you
have probably noticed that is where I was heading anyway seeing as in every
French lesson I had my head in the clouds and came up with poetry like the
one here. Short I know, which is why I'm writing so much here coz I want to
get it put up but it wouldn't be long enough with a bit of my babbling
first. Anyhoo It basically came to me when I saw a fly bashing at a window
trying to get out of the stuffy classroom. Enjoy.

Like the moth,
I'm always lost
Trapped inside a box.
Delusions of freedom haunt me,
For as I try to achieve
I hit an unseen object.