You never changed their feelings
I don't think that you knew how
You try to reverse it with
Angry protests you write now
But it's too late for all that
The corpses are now rotting
Who really cares about the
Next line of speech you're plotting?
The wheels were set in motion
When you began your crying
You set off on a campaign
Accused them all of lying
But they always lied to us
And that's just the way it goes
This is the way of life that
Your forefathers sadly chose
Maybe they liked their leader
At least that's what you did say
But Heaven forbid you would
Have to live your life that way
You love your democracy
That great system you abuse
Hey, maybe some dead body
Is the vote you didn't use
Or perhaps you used your vote
For the man upon the stage
You placed him into power
And now you're filled with hot rage
You said no to all the blood
Does your yes before not count?
You may well regret it now
But to what does it amount?