A Girl Named Constance
By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on the Seventh day of March that a
Bored multimillionaire named Walter Stockwood had taken a
Trip to the city of London,England,in order to
Get get away from the pressures of work and do
Something that doesn't require a secretary named Edna.

But then,after he had arrived at that pearl
Of a city,he had suddenly bumped into a girl
Named Constance Brossnan,who was on her way
To join her friends at a nearby pub on that day.

After he had helped her get back on her feet,the girl
Had invited him to join her at the pub,where
They would sit down and enjoy a drink without care.

And then,after he had thought it over,
He said 'yes' to the invitation and went with her
To the pub,where she was able to ask,"Where
Do you hail from?",and he had told her that
He came from America,because there was pressure in that
Job of his and he needed some time to recover.

After a drink or two,they've looked into each other's
Eyes and noticed right away that
They had suddenly discovered their one true love.

A minute later,after they've left the pub,the two doves
Had decided to go spend some time at a local beach.

And after they've arrived at the one spot that was out of reach
Of any other human being,she removed her clothes in front of her new love,
Dived right into the water and began to swim around,
While Walter was watching her on dry ground.

Just then,Constance turned towards Walter,waved her
Hand and said,"Please do come on in,Walter!
The water is so splended and there's no one around!"

And even though he might've been out of his mind
To do so,he removed all of his clothes and joined that kind
Of a girl in the water,where he was really
Able to see just how wonderful the Rachel Weisz type beauty
Really is,just before they had given each other the kind
Of kiss that the two legendary lovers named Romeo and
Juliet would indeed find to be more than just grand.

After the kiss,Walter looked at Constance and asked,"Why
Don't we go back to shore and get ourselves dry?"

"Yes,I agree.",answered Constance,noticing that it wasn't such a bland
Idea--and after they returned to shore and placed their
Nude bodies on the sand,Walter began running his fingers through her hair
And kissing her on the nape of her bare neck.

And then,while everyone else in London were having a Heck
Of a time with their daily routine,the two lovers began to enjoy their
Moment of pure sensual pleasure on the sandy beach.

Just then,after their sexual escapade has finally reached
Its final royal performance,they had collapsed due to exhaustion
And Constance had placed her head on Walter's chest with such care,
Before taking a deep breath and saying to him,"Walter,
I wish that I could stay with you forever."

And after he had placed his gentle hand on her
Head,Walter said,"Your wish to stay with me forever
Shall soon come true,if you're willing to become my
Wife."--and after she heard that,Constance started to cry
And allowed the word 'yes' to pop right out of her

Lips,before they had fallen asleep within their naked arms.

A year later,even though their families were both alarmed
By the announcement at first,they had noticed that their
Kids had made the right choice and they should care
Instead about not letting the two lovebirds come to harm,
For they're planning on helping to care for the kids
Of a recently married couple--their very own kids,
Walter Stockwood and his wife,
Constance Brossnan-Stockwood,the love of his life,
Who once lived in London and acted like a kid.