Till death shall my heart part,
till anger shall yours.
Love you till the end of time,
love me till you hurt.

I hurt every night and day,
and then some it seems.
For you left me all alone here,
not a care left for me.

Still my heart it calls for you,
while yours had moved on.
Still I apologize for pain caused,
and yet it's overlooked.

Then no apologies you shall here,
Repeatedly its been said.
Egnored it was, each and every time,
so I refuse to say it again.

When you have finally forgiven me,
for all that I'd done wrong.
You'll learn to listen to your heart,
and if your a man, return.

I wait for you to learn this yourself,
and see just what you've done.
I wait for my sins to be forgotten,
though I'll never forget myself.