I have a bitter feeling deep inside
One I know and cannot hide
It grows so strong it can't subside
Consuming my soul until I confide
A feeling of fire, ice and pain
It rages in power, as a storm, as the rain
It never subsides, never weak, never wane
Mutating my life into something arcane
This feeling is something I should accept
It's there when I woke, when I walked, when I slept
In maters as this I'm all but adept
Will I always feel a burning from the secret I've kept?
I'm not educated in matters of the heart
But for me it's new, it's a first, it's a start
The colours of emotions mingle like art
Vibrant and strongest, when we are apart
And if I told you the depths of my mind
I can only imagine the things I would find
The truths, the lies, and things unkind
Our paths are separate, not entwined
I'll be mine and you'll be yours
Talking from behind closed doors
Always sticking to the laws
For this, stability, is what insures
But in the end you don't care
Living life, unaware
If you knew the horrors of my despair
You'd end yourself, to that, I'll swear