My Place in the Saddle

I pity your ignorance and the way you think,
That you'll ever feel the ecstasy a true rider feels.
That you could ever hear the wind's song as it blows across your face.
Or be able to feel the saddle's caress against your thighs.
You own the world when you have the reins in your hands.
A rider has the opportunity to break from the world and canter into her
A world of control, pride, and love
But you, my dear sister, you're not worthy of such a place.
To you, your horse is just another stupid animal too rough for your liking.
How could you ever be able to find that balance of comfort between you and
your horse?
Don't get angry with me, I'm only saving your breath from the many
promising complaints.
Yes, that's it, just slide the stall door to my world closed and return to
your own.
This place in the saddle belongs to me.