And I would kiss you softly if only you wanted me to
But i know you don't feel that way about me
And usually I'm cool with that
But on a night as beautiful as tonight
While I set out on my porch and look into the sky
I wish I had a hand to hold, lips to kiss,
And an ear to listen to everything I've been through the last two days.
And if you were here with me right now you could spill your gut to me
And I promise I'd remember every word you'd say
Or we could just be silent and look up at the stars
Because there isn't a cloud in the sky
And I don't remember the last time
The moon hung down this low
And it would be better this way
Because I wouldn't have to worry about saying something stupid
And if you were cold
I'd give you my coat
And I'd put my arm around your shoulder and kiss you on the cheek
And I'd tell you that "everything sucks but at least we have each other"
But it's plain to see you just don't feel that way about me.