This is my first story the public has ever seen since I was six years old. Please be nice!

A Tide of Tears Between Us

By marinawings

Chapter One

The city seemed cold at night, no matter what the real temperature was. It was always cold at night.

On this night, the wind was blowing and clouds covered the stars. A girl stood at one end of a dark alley, the wind whipping at her shiny violet trench coat and her long golden hair. She looked up suddenly, her ears pricked by some distant sound. As she did so, her eyes were caught by a man on the roof of one of the alley's buildings. The girl narrowed her eyes, drew in a breath, and suddenly was flying through the air towards the man.

"You there!" she called. "Stop!"

The man took one look at the flying girl and took off running, jumping onto the next roof. The gril went after him, moving as if she were running on air. She ducked her head as she flew towards the running man, against the wind. As she examined him from above, anger flared up inside her. It was him. The murderer. And now she had him. She gave a mental command to her flying boots and dove towards the criminal.


"Aislinn! How many times must I tell you to stop breaking the rules!" Chief of the City Police Jud Mussalock said, running a huge hand through his short blonde hair. "You brought the murderer in with a bloody nose. That's against the rules. He's just a murderer! It's not like he's religious or anything. Now those are the kind you can rough up."

Aislinn stared at her boss, her green eyes narrowed. "Jud, the rules are so stupid. Since when did a religious nut become worse than a murderer? Tell me now."

Jud sighed and folded his muscular body into his large desk chair. "Aislinn, don't let this upset you. You are the best detective on the force. I'm going to assign you to a new case-"

"Don't let this upset me? Don't let it upset me? How do you think the family of the murdered girl feels? Huh? Tell me! Oh, I'm sure they're not upset that the murdrerer of their daughter and sister gets off with ten years of community service while the woman who caught him could get worse!" Aislinn Corrigan rarely got angry. Lately, though, her temper had been short with the unjustness of the City's laws.