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Amantes sunt amentes

And so there I sat in the back seat of my mom's old, beat-up Maxima. Beside me sat my bag, sleeping bag, and pillow. In front of me, manning the wheel, was my older sister Claire; beside her, in the passenger's seat, sat my mom. Mom was practically playing twenty questions with me, whereas Claire couldn't have cared less about my time at camp.

"So, was camp fun? Was I right?" Mom asked eagerly.

"Yeah, Mom," I replied. I wasn't really paying much attention. I was smiling slightly to myself and touching my lips with my fingertips. I'd really done it. I'd actually kissed Kier. I stared out of my window, watching the telephone poles fly by, a wistful expression on my face.

"Looks like widdle Twavis found himself a giiiirlfriiieend," Clair taunted from the front seat.

My expression fell and my eyes widened. I stared down at my lap intently, my face beginning to feel hot from embarrassment. "I did not!" I protested weakly.

"Sure, sure, little brother," Claire replied, grinning. I glanced up briefly, and I could just barely see her blue-gray eyes surrounded by too much mascara laughing at me from the rear-view mirror. We drove in silence for a moment or so until she spoke up again.

"So what's her name?"


"Claire, be nice," our mother said, giving Claire one of those looks.

Claire just rolled her eyes. "Yeah, yeah, I know," she muttered.

How great it was to be home again… Tch. Not.

* * * * *

I still didn't know my way around the neighborhood, so, despite my mother's insisting and encouraging, I mostly stayed inside the house for the rest of the summer. Despite my hopes, I never heard from Kier. It gave me the feeling that he'd already forgotten about me. That wasn't very comforting in the slightest. I did, however, get a call from Adam, my best friend from my old school.

"So how was Camp Hell?" he asked. His voice still held its same arrogant tone, even though it was partially broken up by static.

"Not bad," I replied. Considering the fact that you discovered that you go for guys while there my mind added.

"Are you sure?" he asked after a moment. "No technology. No AC. It sounds like a fucking nightmare."

I snorted. I remembered how attached to his electronics Adam was. "Oh, yeah. Couldn't bear to leave your shit for a week, right?" I asked.

"It's not shit and no," he replied. I knew the tone of his voice. He was grinning.

We stayed silent for awhile until Adam spoke up again. "This year won't be the same without you, man," he commented.

I paused. What was this? "Huh?" I asked.

Adam snorted. "Shit, man. You're our friend. Not to mention that fact that you're damn good for a laugh."

If he was waiting for a reply, he wasn't getting one. I had no clue what he was talking about.

Adam groaned. "Damn, have you already forgotten?"

"Apparently," I commented, looking down at the floor.

"You remember Kevin, don't you?" he asked.

It took a little while to register who this Kevin was, but then I remembered. My mouth felt dry at the thought. "Yeah," I croaked.

Adam laughed. "Man, that was great. He started hitting on you, then BAM! He hit the pavement like some kind of fucking fish." He was cracking up, now.

"Hey, Adam?" I asked after a moment. "I've got to go. I'll talk to you later."

Before he could reply, I'd hit the power button on the phone and tossed it onto my bed. I swallowed heavily. I had done that, hadn't I? Kevin White had been in the same grade as we were. He was just a little quiet, a little shy. Soft-spoken and a little odd. He was a little odd and hung out with girls mostly. As far as everyone knew, he had never had a girlfriend. And according to the entire student body, he would never want one, either.

It had been after school. We were all waiting for the bus. Kevin had been apparently busy with something, because he obviously hadn't seen me standing there. He'd walked right into me, and pretty hard, too, because I dropped the binder I had been holding under one arm. Papers went everywhere.

He had been so pathetic; he wouldn't stop apologizing as he helped me gather them up. After stacking the papers he'd picked up, he had set them in my hands. I don't know if it was an accident or not, but at the time, it had felt like he'd intentionally brushed his fingers over my hands when he'd given me the papers.

'No hard feelings, right?' he'd asked. He'd smiled a flirty, sly little smile after that. Or at least it seemed that way. 'Don't be mad, Travis…you're much prettier when you aren't.'

The next thing I knew, I'd dropped the papers, which were now being carried off by the slight breeze. My knuckles had hurt and Kevin was getting up slowly, one hand rubbing his jaw. He said nothing. I hadn't handled things the same way. 'Stay the fuck away from me, faggot,' I'd said. Kevin then headed away from us to wait for his bus by himself. My friends, laughing, had congratulated me while I gloated, proud of myself.

How odd, then, that the roles had been reversed somewhat. What would Adam have said if I'd told him that I'd kissed another boy intentionally and liked it? I didn't really know. The story going around school would be that Travis Wynters had participated in an anonymous gay orgy over the summer and was now dating one of the other participants, probably. I would never be able to go back to visit my friends again if they still considered me their friend.

Jackson was no place for guys that liked more than girls. I could only hope that Fairview wasn't the same way.

* * * * *

The morning of the first day of school was, in short, a nightmare. My body refused to wake up until Claire physically shoved me into the shower, then proceeded to turn on the cold water. After adjusting the temperature and quickly showering, I sprang from the shower like a dog from its kennel at the start of a race. I dressed as quickly as possible, then, after making sure I hadn't put anything on backwards or wrong-side-out, raced downstairs. I then proceeded to grab breakfast, slip on my shoes, grab my bag, bid goodbye to my family, then race outside to catch the bus, not necessarily in that order.

The bus ride proved to be interesting. After tying my shoes, I took the opportunity to look around.

Everyone looked fairly normal. They were either talking to their friends, listening to music, or leaning against the windows to finish sleeping before they got to school. The last of the three sounded pretty good and I was about to do so when I heard someone speaking to me.

"This seat saved?"

I looked up. The boy looked to be about my age with mousy hair and hazel eyes. He looked like he would be a little awkward, yet manage to look good at the same time.

"Not at all," I replied, grabbing my bag and setting it in my lap. The boy sat down beside me.

"My name's Kevin," he said. "What's yours?"

He must have thought that I hadn't heard him, because he repeated the question after a moment. "Travis," I managed. That name…

"…Then BAM! He hit the pavement like some kind of fucking fish…"

I shook my head. Please don't let things turn out the way they were before…

* * * * *

I checked the room number and compared it to my schedule yet again before heading into the classroom.

History. God, how I hated history. I couldn't remember all of the stupid dates, and I didn't care to, either. Unless I planned to work in a museum or teach history, I didn't need to know this. So why teach it?

I had found an empty seat, sat down, and had started to look around out of boredom when I saw him.

The seats around him were already taken, yet he looked like he was completely alone. No, not just alone. Completely miserable. His head was down and his fingers were fisted in his hair. If I leaned one way, I could see his face just slightly. His jaw was clenched, but his hair obscured his eyes.

Making my decision with little difficulty, I got to my feet and moved over to him. I had been so afraid that I would never see him again, but here he was. I could see him every single day. For a brief second, the world was perfect. Then, when I stood beside his desk, I saw him recoil.

"What do you people want from me now?" he said coldly.

"…Kier?" I asked timidly. "Kier, what's wrong?

He looked up at me quickly, eyes wide. He gasped softly, lifting one of his hands to cover his mouth. "Travis…" he said softly.

"Yeah," I said quietly, smiling at him. I heard the murmuring of the other boys around him, but I didn't think anything about it.

The same didn't apply to Kier, however. He glanced around at the boys sitting around his desk, a sad expression on his face. He turned to look down at his desk, avoiding anything resembling eye contact with me.

"Go sit down, Travis…class will start before long," he said dejectedly.

I looked at him helplessly. I opened my mouth to say something, but nothing came. Defeated, I turned and went back to my desk.

A few moments later, the bell rang just as our teacher, a slightly-overweight middle-aged man, walked in the door.

"If you'll all get up and follow me to the book closet, we'll start passing out your text books," he said loud enough for everyone to hear.

Everyone stood up obediently and started to follow our teacher out the door. Numbly, I did the same. I didn't think about what I was doing or what was being said to me. My thoughts were a million miles away.

Kier… Was the kiss nothing to you? What happened, Kier? Kier…

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