A Woman's Curves

There are soft flowing curves
Where straight lines should be
I'm in a body that
Disagrees with me
The measurements creep up
And the weight piles on
I'm asking the mirror
"When will they be gone?"
But the mirror won't lie
It speaks the truth pure
Like an old grateful judge
The curves have tenure
And I want to break free
From the curves on me
Young girls on TV
Are always stick thin
They're paving the road of
Where I should have been
If I could be perfect
Get back on the track
I could make up for all
The sense that I lack
My peers say that I'm fat
When compared to them
And like my bust outline
They're bursting a hem
And I want to break free
From the curves on me
I'll deny myself food
To escape this jail
And my body will fade
And my friends will hail
"Just see how good she looks
Look at that weight loss"
They'll ask me for diet tips
All coated in gloss
When I tell them the truth
What will they think?
Will they be proud that
I don't eat or drink?
And I've got to break free
From the curves on me
My form has now withered
I'm in a size eight
But I have no fans to
Greet me at the gate
Their words have all blackened
They say I look ill
My life's like a dream that
I'll never fulfil
The girls on the screen laugh
And with health they glow
And they smile with a joy
That I'll never know
And I have broken free
From the curves on me
My grey clothes are tattered
My teeth are so weak
My raw throat is scratchy
I can't bear to speak
I look to the mirror
My once faithful friend
But she says it's over
My life will soon end
And now I can't swallow
The truth that unfolds
I'll never get to see
What the Future holds
And I want to break free
From straight lines on me