Your just cause for a situation will not fit their just cause, therefore war shall always exsist and you will never be accepted... Aki looked at his brother, his hands bloody, his body trembling, as he clutched the bars of the cage he was in, this was very wrong...why wouldn't his abilites work, why did Gabriel have wings, why did he seem to be.....non-gabe like. They hate you Aki...all of were nothing but a burden to them They don't care that you are would be better off if you just died here... "........Gabriel..." Aki whispered, "Gabriel why are you....what are you doing this for?" My little sweet have been very naughty, and naughty children must be punished.... Aki closed his eyes and took a step back from the bars of the cage with a yelp of pain, the bars glew red, he looked at his hands, badly burned, bloody....pained. the floor of the cage too grew red hot, and he trembled slightly, not crying out yet, he wouldn't do that even if Gabriel was to some how rip his soul from his body. he could smell the sick scent of flesh burning and only when he fell to his knees, his robes, his lovely lavender robes burning upon impact...did the pain go away. Gabriel now stood in front of the Cage, a dark look in his eyes, he reached out and took aki by the hair, pulling him closer, thier eyes locked for a moment, and Aki saw something in them that scared him, something that brought up painful memories. Gabriel was dead...Gabe was no longer "Gabriel" he was now just a shell, a host for the darkness thriving within him, he had lost his way and now he was no more than a tool for the darkness. The mark on Aki's forehead, the PI like symbol, shimmered faintly and Gabriel chuckled, pulling Aki into the bars that once again flared red, Aki yelped in pain, that one was unexpected...that one...wasn't nice. A savior...born from corruptness? just what this world needs...I shall have to kill you little sweet hold still....this will hurt, I promise you that. Aki closed his eyes, the bars hurt, he was going to scar, he knew he was going to scar, a tremble and then...he fell into darkness, losing all consious thought. So soon little lost your nerve so soon? Aki's body lay on the stone floor in a crumpled heap, bloody and his robes were torn, bloody, ruined...those fine lavender robes that he made with his own hands, those robes that he had put his heart and soul into, destroyed. This made "Gabriel" smile and stand up, he had plans for this little traitor....such wonderful plans. Aki gasped and pulled away from the dagger's blade, his hand moving slowly to his throat, blood, so much, the scent was making him dizzy...he swooned slightly and was caught in the back by another dagger, this one sunk deeply into his back, shocking both Aki and Gabriel, for it didn't kill him, a fine line of blood ran down Aki's chin and his eyes rolled back in his head, the dagger vanished. the mark Shimmered again. This puzzled "Gabriel", but it didn't stop the torturings. Aki endured it all, he came so close to death so many times, but his will and something else, were keeping him alive...finally one day he had enough of the suffering, he just wanted it to end....and so, when "Gabriel" passed him, his hands, bloody and scarred, reached out and took the beast by the hair, pulling him onto the bars, the bars that flared up every time something touched them, a cry of pain from Gabriel, the real Gabriel, as all his power fled him, Aki didn't seem to notice for he was beyond any emotion, he was going to stop it, the pain...the suffeirng....stop it all....there was a sickening ~crack~ sound as Aki broke his elder brother's neck and cleanly tore the head off, the body falling to the ground, twitching then beinging to be soaked in it's own blood. Aki numbly opened the cage door and then sat down in the blood, his eyes flickering for a moment, then he picked up the head of his brother, and cradled it close, "See? see you are Gabriel brother.....we are together again....again.....I have a family....I have...." he choked on his tears, "I loved you Gabe...I did......I loved you so brother......." his tears came harder now, "all I wanted......was a family.......couldn't you see that........couldn't Anyone see that........all I wanted was love and kindness......I wanted to be accepted...." he whispered through his tears to the lifeless head of his brother, "do you think...that I can ever have that?" he whispered, tears falling onto the head, he then let it drop to the ground and he bowed his head in silence. Praying for what he had just done, crying out for the souls of the lost, taking the pain from everything on Azuwalt at that moment and estinguising it....the world was shrouded in a pericing even the "Clensing" that was going on was erased....Somewhere in a dark Cathedral, an angel screamed in pain and then he and his goddess' presances were gone from Azuwalt. Aki looked up at the ceiling of the prison he was in and his lips parted slightly, "Forgive me?" he asked the nothingness, "Forgive me for what I have done....forgive me....forgiving everything a second chance..." he then fell over....unconsious, for that spell had drained him.....and in his already weakened state........ Aki awoke two months later, sticky and dirty, beaten and sore, he pushed himself up off the ground, it smelt terrible in the prison and he decided...perhaps he should leave now....he stumbled out of the darkness and into the light.... Wincing and gaining a few odd looks from people as he passed them, presently he came upon a church....abandoned and shot....just like him, a smile passed his lips and he stumbled into it, it was the type of church that the priest lived in, for the entire basment of it was more like a whole new building....aki cleaned himself off and pulled on a set of the white robes that the priests before must have used...he then set to work...making a new life for himself, yet there was still that pain in his heart....that overwhelming feeling of sorrow.... He never made his peace with Nicki, never said "Thank-you" to Azriel and Zanne....he never told them one that he...... He shook his head, "They probably wouldn't care..." he whispered, the light in his eyes was strong, very strong, yet sad.....very sad.....somewhere in the back of his head words whispered to him. "all I wanted......was a family.......couldn't you see that........couldn't Anyone see that........all I wanted was love and kindness......I wanted to be accepted...." "That's all I wanted..."