He had told her to follow her heart. He had told her to do as she pleased. He was Kamieo its self, the lord of the realm she called home. And yet she was scared to do as he bid her. Scared that she wanted too much from him.he had Achaver, but was it love they shared or just a brotherly connection they had?

As she let her mind wander on these things she heard another voice in her head, sweet, methodic, sensual.

I can give you what you desire.

A tremble, small and brief, passed over her, longing once again for his touch, to taste him upon her lips. A sweet and overwhelmingly sexual taste his blood held to it. Where as his elder brother's blood was purely chaotic, with all the thrills of the hunt and the kill wrapped in one, he tasted like the victory of a very good battle.

She was trapped in her emotions.

Allhivhia knelt next to her, wearing a pair of black pants and a white silk shirt, unbuttoned, his hair was wet and he gazed at her with his honey brown eyes, "What is it you desire?" "A taste of you." she whispered timidly, "to make me forget the other tastes I've had." Allhivhia smiled gently and tilted his head to one side, "then drink to forget," he whispered.