"We need someone to go to the Akimihru Cathedral and steal the Grimikia scriptures from it," said the first priest. "Who do we have that's small enough to sneak in, get it and sneak out?" asked another, "We could always send Anton, he's small," "But he may refuse." "Then he will go for two months with no food or drink." "That may work." the two priests chuckled and walked off to the chamber boys' quarters, where they pushed open the doors and glanced around, finding Anton laying in bed, reading. "Anton," said the second priest, Father Mathew, and the youth looked up. ".Yes?" he said slowly and they helped him up, "You have been elected by the gods to do this church a favor." Said the first priest, Father David. "Lucky me." Anton said dryly. "What is it? Build an ark?" "No, no," said Father Mathew, "Nothing of the sort." "even better actually." said father David. "You get to go to the Akimihru cathedral and get us their scriptures." Anton's face paled greatly, though he was pale as it was, so they didn't take much notice. "Th...the..brotherhood of..." He started and pulled away from them, "Hell no! I don't care what you are going to threaten me with.I am no going there!" "No food or drink for two months plus thirty lashings." said Father David. Anton felt weak for a moment. He hated these priests more than anything, he bowed his head and very forced and reluctantly he said. "When do I leave."

Two hours later, 9:30pm exactly, he stood at the back of the Cathedral that belonged to the brotherhood of blood, with a rope over one shoulder and a bag over the other, he let out a long sigh and twirled the end of he rope that had the grapple on it and after that was secured he began to climb, muttering the whole way about how they picked on him constantly, just because he was small. Now he stood on the roof of the cathedral, he pulled the rope up and walked along the roof until he found the opening that led to the attic, where he slipped inside, looking around from the rafters he could see that the front door was open, but other than that, there was no activity within the walls of the famed cathedral. He crossed himself and then secured the rope, slipping down it and onto the aisle between the pews, then he looked around again, still nothing, he felt slightly creeped out, then he heard something, it came from below.. Ahhhh, they were eating..ok..this should be easy then. He walked towards the alter and looked around for a moment, then found what he had come for and slipped them into his bag, and since the front door was open, he decided, why not use that? He almost skipped down the aisle, almost being the key word, for no sooner than he stepped onto the first step, the door slammed shut and a pair of beautiful dark blue almost black eyes, locked upon his, "Going somewhere?" he asked as casually as someone would discuss the weather, Anton's mouth dropped open as the figure stepped into the light, he wore a pair of black pants and a white silken shirt, the shirt was stained in red here and there, he looked as though he was wearing casuals. His hair was long and black and braided back very tightly. "I.I.I." was all Anton could get out, he heard the stories..he knew what happened to other religious members that stepped onto the turf of Brotherhoodians, he did the only thing he could think to do, he turned around and ran towards the rope, but he didn't run fast enough, because he felt a sharp pain on the back of his head, and then...he was out cold. Gabriel walked over to the unconscious boy and picked him up, his voice clear as crystal calling out, "Aki? Could you get me the silken ropes.I've caught a thieving spy." "Yes sir." said a soft and beautiful voice in response and Gabe carried the youth down the hall to the back rooms of the cathedral.

When Anton woke up, he found he couldn't move his arms or his legs, that he was on a bed, and that the dark haired man was sitting next to the bed, smoking a pipe and smirking at him, upon the desk next to the bed were the scriptures. A small pout parted Anton's beautiful face. "You.are.Gabriel Sharioun aren't you?" he asked, afraid of the answer. Gabe nodded once and leaned forward slightly, letting out a ring of smoke before speaking, "and you Are Anton P'siuox, a chamber boy from the Tlishia order.correct?" he asked, his voice was like liquid darkness, gods it was just as beautiful as he was. Anton nodded slowly. "Why did you trespass on our land, you should know better." Gabe asked, another ring blown, "and why take my documents? They were not for your hands to touch.I should cut them off." "No.no don't do that...they forced me to come here, told me that they would deprive me of food, drink and books as well as beat me if I didn't...I'm just.following orders." he said and Gabriel smiled sweetly, if not sardonically, at the boy. "You jump when they tell you to? Hm?" he asked trailing his fingers along the boys neck and chest, the child then noticed that he was only wearing the brown pants he normally wore under his robes and he flushed deep red, the fingers trailed lower and lower, grazing over a part of the youth that was only touched when washing. He pulled back slightly, away from the elder priest. "What kind of sick twisted fucker are you!?" he asked, and soon he regretted it, for it was then that he noticed the whip at Gabriel's side, Gabe followed his gaze and snickered gently then, stood up and drew it, letting the long leather fall gracefully to the ground. "The kind that punishes intruders in ways that make them want to give up their original clan and join mine." Again, Anton had a bad feeling, "Oh, I see.so what do you plan on doing with that?" "You were admiring it. You mean you didn't want me to show it to you?" he asked, teasing the boy slightly with his voice, he set the pipe to one side and tilted his head to the other with a cruel smirk, "I'll show you how I use it.I think you would like that." Anton sucked in his breath and closed his eyes, he hated whips, but Gabe's was a very nice one, crafted for both punishment and pleasure. "You're thinking naughty thoughts aren't you?" came the question, Anton opened his eyes again. "N.no." he started and Gabe chuckled and set the whip down, leaning over Anton slightly, his lips almost touching Anton's. "I think you were." he said gently, his lips catching the chamber-boys in a deep kiss, his tongue running along the boy's lips, parting them and entering his mouth with ease, Anton would have bitten down upon that tongue, if not for two facts: Fact A: He had never been kissed like That before and he liked it waaay too much Fact B: He was scared that the priest might do something else instead of kiss him if he did. He then noticed the priests hands were exploring again, running along his body and causing his heart to race. A soft whimper/moan passed his lips into Gabe's mouth and the elder priest broke the kiss and whispered to those now gasping for air lips. "Do you enjoy this little chamber boy." "ye..n.." Anton caught himself, it was a trap either way, he trembled, perhaps Father David and Father Mathew set this up, he would have to ask Gabriel to kill them if he survived..he was torn out of his thoughts by the cool air upon his lower region, he was no longer wearing anything, his cheeks flushed red as he heard Gabriel's gentle sigh of approval. "You have a beautiful body." he heard the priest say and his decided not to open his eyes, it's just a dream..just a dream. "Tell you what, I'll untie you if you promise to behave." -Fuck that..the moment he unites you, make a break for it...- came the first voice in Anton's head. -But the touches.the touches..I want more..you can't deny me this..you can't..- came the second. It was the priest who made his mind up for him, by placing a few feather light kisses and touches along his length. He shuddered, "I'll...be...good." he said in a breathless voice, he had never been touched like That before. The ropes were undone and Anton could feel the feeling returning to his shoulders, but he could also feel the Priest 'worshiping' his manhood. He took in a few deep gasps and his fingers wound in Gabriel's hair, frowning slightly, not enough to grip, he undid the braid that held Gabe's hair back and gasped once again at the softness of it all. Like silken darkness. A few soft moans and he slowly moved so that Gabe had more to work with. His fingers locking in the priest's hair. He was both blessing this and cursing it at the same time, his body wanted it, his mind wanted it, but his heart...his emotions were as if someone put them in a blender on puree, ".....what else......can...you do....." Anton asked and Gable slowly released Anton from his mouth. "Anything you want me to," he said gently. "What is your darkest desire?" the youth's eyes slowly moved to the whip that lay next to the scriptures, his lips parted, but Gabe silenced him with another kiss that blew his mind, as if to say, 'Ahhh, I see don't say a word.' He lifted the whip and Anton sighed gently, "Could you bind me too?" he asked shyly, cheeks a flush. Gabriel smiled and once again the youth's wrists were bound in the most expertise manner. "Do you do this to everyone who breaks in?" Anton asked gently. Gabriel smirked, "Only the ones I like..which so far..has been only you.." He said and lashed out with the whip. It hurt deliciously so to the chamber boy, and soon he was surrounded in that warm fuzzy feeling called pleasure.

The next day, Anton woke up in front of his own cathedral with a note. He stumbled into the cathedral he belonged to, offered the note and a deadly glare to the two priest that sent him to hell in the first place then flopped over into bed. Thinking of ways to once again sneak into the Brotherhood of blood.