The story you are about to be told is a story about an angel from a realm called Aydeen, a symboless angel that decided that he was not just going to be used as a puppet, that he was going to make a difference, he was born to be the helper of the Guardian and recorder of wisdom, Tallithia, yet as things happen, he grew tired of the every day activates at the end of time and he rebelled against them all leaving the end of time and his family name of "Calmwater" behind him.

The angel's name was Marquis, and this is his tale.

It all started a good 50,000 eons ago, when the worlds were new and all and everything was still getting use to being "alive". The gods and goddesses were happy with their creations and everything was running smoothly, humans hadn't even been dreamed up yet. No they wouldn't grace the realms for another 30,000 eons. Right now was the age of the Drakes and the giant animals. Sure there were humanic seeming creatures running about, like the apes and the lemurs, but the most humanic of the creatures, were the demons, the angels, and the half-beasts. They were the first to walk the realms, they were the first to discover what could be done with the flora and the fauna, they were the "test drivers" of life.

The gods had blessed some of the angels and demons with markings, their marking was set in a light somewhere on their body, and it meant something. For an Example, the lord historian and master of time, Tallithia, had the mark of wisdom located in a silver-purple light in the center of his throat. Or the lord of Aydeen himself, with the symbol of "Existence" on his left temple in a soft green light. They were the favored children of the gods.they were the ones who paved the way for the humanics, the mortalics, and the ground bounders..

Yet all the angels were beautiful and refined, they were desired by all and yet, too most, unattainable.. Very rarely would another creature gain an angelic being. Most did their jobs no question and that was all, but Marquis..he had other plans.

And that is where our story begins.

"You are a puppet you realize?" Tallithia glanced up at his younger brother with a slight smile and a nod of the head, his long brown hair moving with his actions. "So I am, thank you for pointing that out my dear Marq." came the book keepers soft voice, his voice was always soft, always gentle, never raising above a whisper, unless our Marquis did something terrible. Marquis crossed his arms over his chest, he was wearing white unlike him. His hair wasn't as long as it would be in his later years.just about to his shoulders, and his eyes were a burning shade of gold.just like liquid gold. He had the gaze of a skeptic. The voice of a Scholar. The point of view of a High class nobleman. His temper was that of a candle-wick, yet very short and easily flammable. Yet his beauty and charms were what got him noticed, when his rouge-ish ways didn't. He could, so he heard a thousand times, charm a snake without the aid of music.he had a very winning smile and his aura.some told him.was very addicting. Little did he know that that would play a very important role in his life. "So tell me, Tal, why do you never fight back?" Tallithia shrugged and shook his head, "Never had the need to." "Like hell you never had the need to! Tal they work you to death and expect you to do this forever." Oh boy.Marquis was speaking his mind again, he did that often, perhaps he just felt jipped that he didn't have a symbol. Tallithia knew that Marquis was going to do something, for there were prophesies, 'the eagled winged angel of no symbol will cause an uprising.' that one caused Tallithia to just wince and shake his head, hoping that there was, oooh, another angel with the wings of an eagle and no symbol out there somewhere? "Marquis!" Tallithia said, his voice almost rising above a whisper, almost breaking the soft monotone that it normally had. Marquis snickered and leaned forward on the table, "One of theses days.I'm going to run away from this place, and I'll be strong! I'll rule a world," the way he worded that, the way e spoke it, everything about it.sounded creepy. "I'm going to important too Tal! I'm going to be great!" Tallithia closed his eyes, No..not so soon.this. His eyes snapped open again and he lifted a hand, "Go in peace, please!" he begged and Marquis looked at him, "Oh Tal." he whispered as his elder brother gripped his arm, remorse in his voice, "I was going to take you with me.I was going to set you free." Tallithia shook his head slowly, "I am needed may go.It has been foretold.but I.I must stay." Marquis took a slow step back, his fingers brushing Tallithia's their eyes locked and he shuddered slightly, this would be the last time he cried.the last time he smiled in that kind manner.the last time he was Marquis Calmwater. They embraced and exchanged kind words, even though they were two different people, they were both controlled by the fates.yet that was going to change, for one of them at least. Then Marquis turned to leave the end of time..and the world of Aydeen forever, but Tallithia called out in his sweet voice: "Marquis, remember..."

~three eons later~

"You can't escape your destiny, no one can."

Those words rang in Marquis' head as he walked down the long flight of stone stairs that led to the main floor of the Soulin'kymir cathedral, his footsteps were silent, even though he wore long flowing robes that brushed the ground as he walked and leather boots. he entered the room, eyes turned to him and murmurs ripped through the place like waves in a dark pool. Followed by two young men, alter-boys, he walked up the short stairs that let to the alter and he glanced down at the young woman tied to it. "It will not last long." he whispered to her, "But it will be painful." The young woman shuddered and closed her eyes, the power of his aura making her drunk slightly. Marquis turned to the people gathered in the church, this church was for the Highest of Classes, the royal family, the dukes and duchesses, the cream of the crop..the rich and wealthy.People that were 'Equal' to Marquis.or as close as they will ever be to him. He held out his arms and called in a voice that was a mirror image of his elder brothers, speaking in the tongue of Azuwalt.the prayers that he was taught by the one whom this church worshiped.the goddess one recalled what or who she was, but Marquis knew.and he was very close to this goddess. "Ahluin Beliriani shiruoin Dekiuin. Li'linaiso Maki'ui'na desiuna." Such a beautiful language, pity no one knew what he was saying, Marquis then slowly switched to common, he despised speaking common, but he had to. "Yina demands that the low class know their place, she calls on us, her faithful children, to remind them daily that their place is on their knees, in the dirt, or serving us.they shouldn't be permitted to raise above us or speak over us.they are ours and we are to do as we please with them, and if they refuse to do our will.they must die." he turned slowly, looking at the young woman bound to the table, "This blood will go to Yina to show her that we indeed are showing the low class their place." he said and there was a silver flash, the dagger that Marquis used so lovingly.a strangled scream..a choking sound. Then the alter was stained red. The sermon ended after the sacrifice and the temple emptied. The body of the young woman stayed on the alter.awaiting for Yina. The Alter-boys were not permitted to see her, nor were the high priests, only Marquis, her 'chosen one' was allowed to see her. Though many have tried to see her.none have succeeded. They have heard her.but none have seen her. So the room was cleared and Marquis waited, the air in the temple grew cold and formed into a beautiful woman, she wore a pure white silk dress that was low cut and had a slit up the skirt that led to her thigh, her hair was long and blonde, and her eyes a piercing shade of green. She had a beautiful pair of soft white wings and Her body was perfect, for she was a goddess.and she crossed the room easily as one would breathe, she paused in front of Marquis and placed a hand to his cheek, "My little love." she said to him, placing her lips to his forehead, "How I have missed you." she then paused and looked up, a snarl forming on her lips, Marquis followed her gaze and found the two alter-boys from earlier hiding in the rafters, he shook his head slowly and Yina herself lifted her hands and the boys were now in front of them, "you seek to see the goddess you serve?" she purred, the boys nodded and her hands lifted to their cheeks, then moved across their eyes, their sight taken from them, "Then it shall be the last thing the two of you ever see." Marquis took a step back slowly, tilting his head to one side and watching silently. The boys gasped and then stumbled out of the room. Yina turned back to Marquis. "Kill them." she said and Marquis nodded and started to walk forward, but she caught his arm, "Later.when I have gone.then give them a proper burial." her lips were close to his as she spoke, their eyes locked. "Yes my lady." he whispered and Yina smiled, then turned to the alter walking over to it and placing a hand to the dead girl's face. "so lovely.a pity she was low-class." Yina said and leaned down, placing her lips to the dead girls and there was a flash of light as the goddess took from the girl her spirit and the body faded. Yina then turned to look at Marquis, her hands reached up to the clasp of her dress and she undid it, a tiny smile parting her lips as it fell to the ground, she then turned to Marquis and held out her hands to him. "Come my love.come to me." Marquis did as he was told. When sunrise came, two coffins were buried in the ground. The goddess Yina was very pleased. Everyone knew that Yina favored him, everyone in Azuwalt saw him as a willing victim to Yina, a Martyr with power however, for no matter how anyone tired, none could touch the eagle winged angel of the goddess her self.

Then came Gabriel.and Marquis' life changed forever. When he met the boy.something about him had perked the angel's interest, something about the dark shadow looming over him perhaps, or the fact that Yina whispered to him, "This one should have been ours.his desire to be more than he is has driven him to blood-shed.that would suit him well in our temple."

One day, Marquis approached the young, rebellious one, "So you are the one who has killed many in a colorful manner of revolt? Why did you kill whom you chose to boy? Care to tell me that?" the young man smirked, shaking his head, he then spoke, his words carefully chosen. "What I do is my own accord Bird-man, not you, nor anyone else in this Cathedral of pain shall learn the real reasons to why.why I killed and will kill those I have and have yet to kill." He then turned away and walked off, causing Marquis to smirk now and follow him, when the boy reached his own room and stepped inside, Marquis stood at his doorway, then, with a deep breath, he knocked on it and the child opened the door, looking up at him with angry eyes, Marquis entered the room, pushing Gabriel back slightly and his wings flexed as he gazed at the young one. "I'll say it once." he whispered to the child, "Give me your self and I will grant you your power." the boy snickered and shook his head, "You only want my body." he said with a snap and Marquis walked over to him, placing his fingers to the boys lips and shaking his head, "I feed your soul.I want to nurture your could be so much stronger than." the boy took a step back and caught Marquis' wrist their eyes locked. "Touch me again, without consent, winged one.and you will regret it." he then let go of Marquis. Marquis nodded slowly and then took the boy by his throat and pulled him into a kiss. When Gabe had managed to break free, Marquis whispered to him, "I'll touch you when I please child." he then faded.

He continued to watch Gabriel up until the winter, when a young man was tossed into the picture, a young man by the name of Anton.the fact that the little low class bastard won his way into Gabriel's heart infuriated Marquis, the fact that the boy was able to seduce Gabriel wasn't the thing that made him mad, it was the fact that he was low class.a child of no status.just thrown into the embrace of the church.what was the world coming to. He passed the boy once.and once only.and the words he spoke to him bore some truth, "Stay away from Gabriel, or you will bring trouble to yourself." those were the only words spoken to him. Marquis left a few weeks after, and with a quick glance at Gabriel, who was now the head priest, then to Anton, who was climbing higher daily it seemed and that made Marquis furious.soon they would be sharing the same bed perhaps..then what? This cathedral was going to see dark times, Marquis could feel it..and his lips parted in a crooked smile as he glanced one last time at Anton and a thought passed his mind. 'That child.his manners.soon he will break Gabriel.and then move on.' he grunted softly, irked by this thought and then spurred his horse into a gallop, leaving the temple for good. Returning to his own.

He made one stop on his way home.the end of time.Tallithia glanced up slightly at the sound of feet, and his large brown eyes widened at the sight of his little brother, off-white robes dusty from the traveling he had been doing, he stood up and walked over to Marquis, embracing him tightly. Not a word passed between them for a long time.a very long time, then Tallithia whispered to his little brother, "You made quite a name for yourself.being Yina's chosen one and lover," he tilted his head to one side and Marquis chuckled, "She is my goddess, what she wishes of me.she will have." "You forged a bond with a goddess then? You belong to the goddess of destruction and pain?" Marquis shrugged and walked over to a chair, sitting down and glancing at Tallithia a moment, then he spoke slowly, "I did make myself important though.I'm no longer just a no one.I'm the highest priest of my temple.people come to me for advice.people---" "Become addicted to your aura." Tallithia cut in, "Marquis.when did you harbor such twisted ness around you?" Marquis sighed, "I'm a comes with the job." Tallithia shook his head and then got up again, getting a teapot and walking back, he smiled gently, "Glad to know you like your job little brother." Marquis sighed and shook his head, "something is missing though." he said, his voice soft and distant. Tallithia looked up and blinked slowly, "and that would be?" he asked, handing Marquis a teacup. Marquis took the teacup and locked eyes with his brother, "You." Tallithia winced and shook his head, "I can't leave Marq, you know that." Marquis stood up throwing the cup to the ground, it shattered into a million pieces and he shook his head, "I thought over the eons that you would get smart and see.that we can run from what fate has planned for us.I thought that you and I could.start over somewhere else." Tallithia looked at the teacup, the shattered and broken cup, the way it broke, the way the tea had spread on the ground, the leaves..his lips parted slightly. "You." he whispered, eyes narrowing, "are not my brother anymore.are you?" Marquis blinked, puzzled at that, "what are you talking about." "Your dropped it.." His eyes never left the fallen cup and the mess it left behind. "Dropped?" he asked. "As easily as the't Marquis Calmwater anymore." he slowly slipped off the chair and placed his hands to either side of the cup, "You are.Marquis Dellirus." his eyes lifted slowly, "you aren't my brother." "Tal." "You forgot us! You forgot who and what you were.where you came let it die in your heart." "I had served me purpose where I was." Tallithia stood up and shook his head, leaving the teacup where it was, "" he whispered, "And please, do not come back." Marquis blinked again and then shook his head, holding up his hands, "Tal, please." "Don't lift your blood-stained hands to me.the innocents you killed.those you have killed." "You didn't know of them before the cup fell.what did you see there?" Tallithia shook his head, "she's a crazed goddess, that one.but I have seen it all, those you killed, what you did, the jealousy in your heart," he sat down and winced slightly, "Marquis." he spoke the name icily, "Leave now.I do not wish to have someone who doesn't treat all as equal in my presence." Marquis trembled slightly, "You turn your back on your own brother? On your blood?" "And you haven't?" Tallithia growled, "Get out of my sight Marquis Dellirus.and never come back." Marquis did as he was told.choking back the tears and fading. Tallithia glanced again at the teacup then, silently he fell into tears, he would forget the one he use to call him, Marquis was dead.

When Marquis got back to his temple, his attitude sharply dropped, he was more icy than normal, his emotions, besides hate, blood-lust, and rage, were the only things he didn't fake, and through all the falseness, his powers grew stronger and stronger, for he was supplying Yina with the things she desired, the powers from his rage and hate were strong enough to give her abilities a great boost. it one ever got to know Marquis as Gabriel did.for many years after, they had met up again, forged a deal..and the darkness within Marquis grows stronger and stronger.who knows will be extinguished.