Any one could tell that this priest was once again evil. That he had once again desired the darkness of the path he use to walk, that he needed the dark gods to come to his beck and call again.. he needed to master his abilities fully. And now he stood in the center of the Domirashi Nohu'kuin Cathedral, or as he called it, the Cathedral of pain, gazing around with half closed eyes and slightly parted lips, as memories of his damned past came to him. How his parents just left him at this place when he was no older than 9, forced into the brotherhood against his will and he became something he loathed. Yet he left his mark on the entire Domirashi Priesthood. And his mark was bathed in a dark crimson shade. A smile parted his lips as he whispered to the ceiling of the cathedral his plans, he would start it again.. find willing people.and once again the Domirashi would come back to life..

He walked down the halls, not bothering to light the torches, he didn't need them.he had grown up in this place, and even if he were blind, he would find his way around it. When he came to the place that he was killed for the first time.he smirked.kneeling down and whispering a prayer to the silken stillness. A whisper called to him

^Gabriel.what of your Sibling.. your flesh and blood? ^ and Gabriel smiled, Yes, he still had to retrieve his little brother.the lost sheep that he was. Take him out of the care of that Monkey-dragon bitch and those vampires.they weren't fit to raise him. "Soon, very soon I will have him again," Little did he know that the whisper was the whisper that called to Aki so long ago.driving him madness and the desire to master and control the arts of Necromancy, as well as bio-chemistry, botany, and psianics. ^Gabriel.we need him.just as you need Anton.^ "Don't speak that name within these walls." Gabriel hissed and he stood up, "That brat has no place here, none of them do.not unless they are willingly joining me." "Joining whom?" came a voice and Gabriel turned, taking a soft breath he smiled and bowed deeply. The figure that stood not too far away was a high class looking man with hair the exact same shade as Azriel's, only not as long, his skin was a fair shade of tanned peach and his eyes were liquid gold, he wore an very nice Chinese silk shirt, in the deepest shades of lavender, and it had a golden border, his pants and shoes, both silk as well were the same shade. And folded neatly on his back were a pair of eagle wings. The man calmly crossed his arms over his chest and gazed at Gabriel. "You look like you've been through hell Gabe.what happened? You haven't been keeping up with your letters.Anton turned on you did he? That's terrible news, he was so pretty.though he never spoke to me or even met me, I knew what your prized alter boy looked like," his voice was calm, yet cold and very, very high class. "You shouldn't place servants on pedestals Gabe, the low class should be reminded of their place daily, on their knees not leading our prayers or fighting our wars." "Marquis," Gabriel cut in, shaking his head slowly, "As much as I would love to get into a debate about social standings and the rights and wrongs of upper-class and low-class, I have a priesthood to reawaken." "And that's why I'm here, Yina, told me about it." Marquis said simply, not moving from the doorway, "The people of Mayhiri think you dead," he trailed off, "playing them with that aren't you?" "Sheep are blind Brother Marquis, they don't care where they are led too as long as they are protected and fed." Gabe returned with a wink. "Most of the people of Mayhiri are just that." "Blind sheep? And what happens when a few wolves decide to comb through your flock, or worse, dragons?" Marquis asked stepping to one side, "you are going to need help," he added softly, "With the dragons.that is." Gabriel just looked at Marquis for a moment, the pushed past him, chuckling and shaking his head once more, "And you think I would employ you, Marquis Dellirus, High priest to the goddess of war and destruction, Yina, in the Soulin'kymir Cathedral?" he asked, turning back slightly, "the same person who assisted my elders in their beatings? The same person that.tended to my wounds and tried to stand up for me." their eyes met again. "You wanted me for your own didn't you? You wanted me to swear my faith in Yina." Marquis chuckled and stepped towards Gabriel, his wings flexing slightly, the closest mortalic thing in the realms of Azuwalt to a god, for his goddess Yina protects him and watches her best priest. He lifts a hand to Gabriel's cheek and whispers to him, "You had the first part right.I was furious when I found out that child.that.boy claimed your heart.but I shall ask you what I should have so long ago.will you join me Gabriel Sharioun? Will you be mine now and forever?" Gabriel took in a deep breath as he took a step back and was pulled into his memories.

Season of the green dragon

"Here you .your new home," his mother said as she pushed the little boy with long black hair up the stairs, as much as the child protested, the parents seemed all for it, more like getting rid of him, not having to deal with him anymore.. those sorts of things. The priest swarmed around him, the little boy with the black hair, the green, almost black eyes and the dirty face and they all decided then and there that first he would have a bath then they would dress him in the white robes. His parents were over joyed that the priests took to him so well and they left smiling, while their son ran after them, trying to escape this new and horrible place that he was brought to. But no sooner than his parents left then the priests' kind attitudes turned rather sharp, cold, and bitter. "Another high class brat," one had said while another priest took him by the hair and dragged him to the bathing area. And as the child started to protest, he felt the hot stinging sensation on his back that he would soon grow very accustom to, but for now he cried out and stopped moving, shocked that they would hit him for asking them, with very colorful words, to let go of his hair. The next thing he knew was that he was tossed into a tub of freezing water and roughly washed, then hauled out of that, dried and forced to wear itch, white cotton robes and they set him to washing the cathedral floor. They didn't ask him what his name was. They didn't comfort him and tell him all was going to be ok. They just sent him to work with out anything. Just a toothbrush and a bucket.

He soon would grow accustom to those such treatments and before long he was beginning to see that out of all the boys this year.he was the only one they disliked.wondering why that was.he often seeked answers. Only to be flogged and sent to his room without dinner. It was amazing that the child didn't grow up with a weak back for all the things that the priests did to him. Yet every time one of them wronged the boy, he swore that they would pay for it.and some did.with their very lives.

It was around the fourth year that he was there, the boy had grown into a beautiful young man, his long black hair reached well past his shoulders, his eyes, remained dark green yet they had some kind of wild fire burning in them. He wore a simple red shirt and tattered grey-blue pants. He looked more like a servant than an alter boy, but the priests..and the young man..knew that he was much more than a simple alter boy. Anyway. He had earned himself a name there, it was Gabriel, though the elder priests just often called him Gabe. His name meant "Light-barer" though they were not sure exactly what kind of light he was baring.most of the priests thought his light was dark and bitter.but they gave him the name to reflect his beauty.for like it or not, Gabriel was a very beautiful person.

It was during one of the monotonous sermons that Brother Alik normally gave that Gabriel heard a voice whisper to him, ^You don't belong here.this isn't your place.^ The voice sent shivers down his spine and he instinctively reached for his dagger, his golden dagger that he was given for his twelfth birthday. Another voice whispered to him, ^Brother Alik, Brother Alik.he bores me so.what if I was to take Alik out? How high could I go.. perhaps if I took out Brother Anthony as well? And brother Gray.^ A cool smile parted his lips. ^Even Father superior would fall to me.and then I.I would run this place.. be the greatest.loved by all.^ The thoughts were a comfort.he never thought that they would ever come to life.but one day.

He and brother Anthony were walking in the gardens, Anthony was being his usual morbid self, telling Gabe how, more than likely, he would be going to hell because he was forced into the priesthood and didn't come willingly. "No.that's not the reason I'll be going to hell." Gabe whispered softly, pulling loose his dagger and ramming it into Brother Anthony's side and twisting, the priest had no time to react, for he felt a poison being released into his system, something about that dagger. ".You.little." was all he could get out before his eyes rolled back in his head and he fell backwards, landing quite loudly, in the fountain, Gabe didn't run or hide or anything, he stood there and waited for the others to come, to see what it was he had done.he knew the punishments he would get, and he looked forward to them, perhaps he was addicted to the pain.perhaps it gave him comfort. They came and Father Superior stood over him, eyes of light green enraged, arms crossed over his chest. "Gabriel.what have you done?" Gabe looked up at them, a smirk parting his lips; his voice was cold yet mocking, "Speaking my mind." The earned him a back-hand so hard that he stumbled and dropped to his knees, he didn't cry out in pain or whimper or beg for mercy, no, Gabriel only lay there and laughed, his laughter was as his voice was cold, mocking and sharp. He could feel the other priests flinching. Then came the familiar hand in his hair and he was dragged off.towards the dungeons.

Moments later he lay in a pool of his own blood, but the laughter hadn't stopped, continued and it echoed throughout the entire Cathedral.the priests had trouble getting to sleep that night for the laughter of the "light bearer" kept them awake and haunted.

Things went from bad to worse from then on there.for every lashing he had gotten, two more lives were put out.and not only priests would fall to the golden blade, but people that outshined Gabriel died as well. He was given a whip for his 19th birthday, and as they handed it to him.they could see the happiness well up in his eyes and for a mere moment everything felt right in the cathedral.. but that was when Marquis Dellirus showed up.

Gabriel, never seeing an angel before, was transfixed, amazed, and cold towards the High priest of the Temple of Yina, more commonly known as the Soulin'kymir Cathedral, or the cathedral of darkness and tears. When approached by the man with the wings of an eagle, they only looked at each other for a few moments. Finally, after they were use to one another did Marquis speak up "So you are the one who has killed many in a colorful manner of revolt? Why did you kill whom you chose to boy? Care to tell me that?" Gabe smirked at the angel-man and shook his head, "What I do is my own accord Bird-man, not you, nor anyone else in this Cathedral of pain shall learn the real reasons to why.why I killed and will kill those I have and have yet to kill." He then turned away and walked off, leaving Marquis desiring only one thing, to own the spirit that this boy mold him perfectly and to give him what it truly was he deserved.