You hit me once more
And I'm struck down paralyzed again.
How much am I willing to sacrifice
To have someone to feel..
I'm bleeding, you're laughing and screaming
I'm dying a little more with every breath I take
With every hit and every glass that breaks,
I crumble, and I fall.
I am nothing in your eyes but you're everything in mine
You call me a bitch and you call me stupid
I apologize again but it's not enough
And I just don't know how much of this I can take
I'm already broken, you can see it in my eyes
Just like a broken, shattered, painted porcelain doll
Only without the softly spoken beauty,
Without the cherry lips and without the lovely smile
But you don't care because I've said something wrong again
Whimpering sorry over and over as my tears fall harder
What will it take to make you believe me?
Black mascara smudging across my face as I try to duck away from you
But as much as you beat me down, I still love you...
Even through my pleas and your yelling and my blood
Just hold me and tell me you love me again and not let go
I'm trembling from your touch and huddled close to myself
But all I want is to be loved again
I guess tonight I'm not loved.
Maybe tomorrow.