Crying every night, these tears of stars
Falling through space
Never stopping until they die
From broken words that have not erased
From the soul they were traced in the fear that was laced
Into the eyes of her love...
As he screamed out her name
She watched him fall from the edge of life
Frozen in time as the ice swept him away,
Yet caught him in the fire of yesterday's,
For the rain was too hard and the storm was too rough
For a fragile mind to be lost in the dusk
Not knowing, not seeing, just bleeding and feeling,
The dark that was enveloping him;
Unable to seek out her eyes that bind him
To the ground he tenderly tread upon.
Only because of her guidance he was able to live
But his grasp became loose
On her hand that he clung to,
Her world he embraced became misty with haze
And he slipped past her screams that reverberated beyond
In a daze for he could no longer see the rays
Of her warmth or hear the whimpers of her voice,
Pleading him to stay
With her until the end of time.
But he couldn't bear the pain that he faced each day
Try as he might he couldn't keep grasping frayed
That were ripped and torn by his imagination
For nothing he had
He was lost in his own creations
Of beauty and distorted interpretations
Abiding by the rules of the game,
He awoke to the realization
That the love in his dreams
Was but a fantasy of distraught thoughts
In himself.

Blinded he was lost in his own insanity as she cried out to him
To stop denying he wasn't living in a dream
Reciting over and over again she was real and not an illusion
Of his loneliness
That she loved him and forgave him
Had not forsaken him
But nothing could stop him from falling again
Only this time falling on the outside for he had already fallen within
Unable to touch him and unable to guide him,
She screamed his name in hopes he would awaken again.
To tell her that he loved her again.
Everything would be okay again.
He would hold her again.
But her heart knew, for hearts never lie,
That he had already said, his last good bye
The night he had bled for the pain he had caused her
When he slipped unconscious from the pools around him…
Already sick with a sickness seen only within
The excruciating thoughts that lied within
The gun in his hand and the hole within
And now outside as well as within
For the wounds were now visible
Reflecting inside the darkness within
A twisted state of thought invisible
To all of him, but her, for she saw what he thought
But was locked in a cage,
A confinement of confusion; an agonized glaze.
He had forgotten her existence in the coma
He had fallen into, the night he had stabbed her as he spun around
To tell her he loved her but was lost in fleeting but crazed mind state
That warped his vision into believing the undefined images in his head
Through the wounds he caused and the cuts that were found,
She knew he had only been lost again and meant to cause her no harm,
But unable to forgive himself he remained lost and bound
In the shadows of his mind that had devoured him and had taken,
In the end, not only his life, but her fate.