A/N: HAve you ever had a secret.

I have a terrible secret
wll half of one I guess
I've only told 4 people
none other or less

These 4 only know
about one half that's it
but if they guessed the other
their answers would be legit

My secret isn't bad to others
just something I need to hide
for if the other half came out
I'd lose reputation or pride

Half of it is Lindsay
that's what they all know
but the other half
is not smething I will show

1 of the 4 people I have told
knows all of it
I probably confused him
So now I made him forget

The other half is bad
cause problems will occur
the other half has nothing to do
with Lindsay girl

Lindsay is not in half
that half is dark and true
but I know I'd never
ever tell you

My imidiate friends care
but it doesn't affect them
If they try and ge it out of me
It'd be like hitting the leaves not the stem

So it's better off no one knows
so I can get rid of it
the half with Lindsay is always true
It's the other I want to forget!