At times, I stand on my balcony,
Staring at the blue sky.
And me mind drifts to thoughts of you
I can't help it...
It's something I associate with my angel,
After all, your favourite colour is blue.

My mind thinks of all you've done for me;
All the times you pressed your lips on mine,
And wrapped your small arms around torso
I love the way you smile at me
And the way you coyly stare at me.
And I loved all your 'I love you's so.

I remember the time you danced with me
And we danced a slow dance,
And you rested your head on me.
I still remember the look you gave
When you looked up at me,
And instinctively kissed me fully

I knew then I loved you more
Than life itself, more than anything.
Because you're the one...
You wrote me a 1000 I love yous
To me by hand, and I treasure it so...
You see, Angel, you are my Sun.

Now you know, I love you,
And I can't live without you,
Please don't ever leave me
Because I would break down and cry and cry.
I won't be able to go on breathing,
And I'll cast myself to the sea............