This poem I made today as I thought of my best friend coming back from her
trip to the Isle of Man. She's thinking of moving up there again because
she's been missing her friends a lot and for other reasons as well. And
basically I'm gonna miss her sooo much. To me it's not up to my usual
standards (whatever they are) but it was what I was feeling at the point of


She walks away,
My life is changed
I stand alone.
Waving to the spot
Where she once stood,
With a faltering hand.
I turn away
Streams find their way down my cheeks
Where do I go now?
I am lost.

But if she stays.
To please me
To make me happy.
I know she would
If I dare ask.
We made a pact
To do whatever
The other asks. - (if possible of course)
But it would make her sad.
Like spider under glass.
I do not want to be a chain
Binding her to me.
Separating body from soul
Which lingers by the sea
Let her go.
Let her free.
Let me be the one,
Who silently bleeds.