A/N This is dedicated to Dani, for always being there for me and being the only person I could trust. Dena, Gina and Nikki come close in second place though.

What went wrong?

Yesterday it was heaven

Happier than I've been since 7

Now there is cold inside

Maybe it's because I cried

Suddenly the sunshine's gone

Now I wonder what went wrong

Leaving me alone with blue

Contemplating what to do

How do I recover the rays of lights?

The ones that helped block out the night?

Tired and just a little afraid,

How long is it since I prayed?

Hiding away from everyone

Searching desperately for the sun

You're the only person I really trust

And even though I know I must

When the sad thoughts drag me down

It's hard to smile and replace that frown

That cold inside, it sticks with you

I've tried, but I don't know what else to do

Still I must just carry on

Always trying to be strong