The Third Day


"Four people from the CIA's top branches from all the world to go into this little project that we're having for the public."

"What city sir?"

"We don't really know. Some kind of city not on the map. Very poor, almost extinct you could say."

"What's going to happen?"

"The only reason for the city's existence is the virus that resides inside its top military research center. It is controlled by USA's Army Corps."

"What kind of virus sir?"

"A virus only found in Africa. It rots the flesh. I think it's called the Ebola Virus."

"I see."

"It is being contained in the facility."

"Why do we need four people, Sir?"

"We are going to drop a radio-active waste filled bomb on the city that will explode and kill everyone in the city, including the military. This is one of the BlackOps."

"Who are we sending in Sir?"

"Well, after we've dropped the bomb on the city we'll send in a search & rescue team made of four people. We want to see if they can survive, to test how the CIA has trained its operatives."

"Well, the people are dead Sir, it won't be that hard."



"Well...since the lack of food and water, you know."

"I see Sir."

"Anyway, who have we got on the list?"

"Hmm...Kira Solassis. Worked for the FBI for a little while and has undercover experience. She is age 26 and has bloodtype O. She is skilled in knife combat, and her weapon of choice is a Desert Eagle .20. She carries two."


"Davis Maclennan. Worked for the LAPD for eight years. Is a skilled bodybuilder and is a master of the art of Sniping from afar. Weapon of choice: Artic Warfare."

"Where is he from? And the girl?"

"Maclennan is an American signed up from Russia's Central Intelligence Agency. Miss Solassis is from Iowa."

"And who else?"

"Sir Rowan Kiefel, works OHMSS. Has proved himself many times in the past for his bravery. He is British."

"And the last?"

"San Wan Kim. Works undercover for the Police Department of Hong Kong. A master of deception. Weapon of choice: Auto Shotgun."

"Well, these people seem good. When do we start?"

"I was going to ask you sir."

"Oh I see.

"What is the plan sir?"

"Get the men and woman the fire power they need for this mission. We start in a week, understand?"

"Sir, Yes Sir!"

"Good. Dismissed."