The Third Day ----------------



"Well Sir, the operatives escaped. We think Rowan died, as well as the rest of the projects. No original survivors actually lived, but Madison with all the key information escaped. Yyse is bound for destruction."

"We can still make it out, can't we?"

"Sir, I don't mean to be so negative, but I don't think that we can get out of this politically. Some of the world's greatest politicians are against us. We don't have the experience to defend the company."

"I know a person, Ann Welson. She's my lawyer and has won all my cases. If they do leak the info, this'll go to the press immediately. We'll get her to defend our cause."

"Sir, the President will be on this. We won't make it out!"

"We can if we have hope...we can if we have hope. I have another plan that will surely get us out of this..."

'What is that Sir?"

"Details will be given later. Thank you for your time soldier. Dismissed."


David grabbed the video tape from the player, and the stuffed it in his bag. He laughed at how stupid those people were for leaving the video tapes in the Hawk. This would hopefully be good evidence for court. Madison would be able to prove it. David grinned again.

"Next stop...nowhere."


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