Yep you've guessed it. Another weird dream but this time it isn't like the others. Oh no. This time it was about traveling. Read and enjoy.

The Dreams we shouldn't have 3



I exited the train that took me to Nottingham at what I thought was the correct platform to depart from. I didn't know at first it was Nottingham I was in but I knew it for sure as I had this feeling to go and visit my friends Paddy and Tim who had both gone to university there.

As I began to walk the train suddenly disappeared and within an instance I was climbing a lush green hill and I also noticed I was dressed in complete black. I quickly looked at my clothes to see I was wearing black trainers, black jeans, black T-shirt and with a black raincoat. For me this was odd, as I never usually wore black due to the fact I didn't have any black coloured clothes.

As I shucked my head I continued to climb the lush green hill and as I looked up higher I noticed that the clouds were beginning to turn dark just as if they were about to begin to rain with force.

Suddenly as if it was out of nowhere a hand appeared to help me climb up. I took it and then I once again within an instance I was in the kitchen of my two friend's student home only this time only one of my friends was there. I looked into the kitchen to see my friend Tim wearing a yellow and brownish apron whilst cooking some bacon in a frying pan whilst talking insisting that I stay. I looked around to see Paddy but I couldn't but instead I saw three girls all walking around the kitchen doing different things. One I remember had bright red hair whilst the other was blurred. The third I remember as she was closest to me. She had black hair and was wearing a bright pink apron whilst eating a biscuit and reading a magazine.

During this I kept looking at my watch with the feeling that I needed to be back home within two hours which sounded like madness to me at the time. I took another look at Tim and the girls as I saw smoke filling the kitchen and then before I woke up I shouted out my friends Paddy's name.

That was a very odd dream indeed but not as odd or erotic as the last two.