This Is Not My World

Our minds are shattered by our screams,
Like pieces of our broken dreams,
When did things get so extreme?
This is not my world.

Our earth breaks down, in bombs and fire,
We have no heroes to admire,
No beauty left here to inspire,
This is not my world.

We cannot function without lies,
The truth shown clearly in our eyes,
Deceit sits quietly, in disguise,
This is not my world.

And when it's time for us to fall,
To leave behind our lives, so small,
A sombre message, I shall scrawl,
"This is not my world."

The break of day, the light of sun,
Will make us think that we have won,
When really, we've just come undone,
This is not my world.

And whilst we pray for one last chance,
The hellish nightmares all advance,
And in the shadows, still we dance,
This is not my world.