The base line is kicking

The atmosphere is tripping

Bodies are seething

Can you hear my heavy breathing?

I can feel your body

Pulsating against mine.

The look in your eyes

A reflection of my carnal desire

I want you hunni

I need you

Babe I love you

Sweat drops from every pore

Mingling with musky scent

An intoxicating aroma

Driving me on

Sending me wild.

Be mine

I need you hunni

I love you

I want you babe

Your sensual touch

Makes me burn with desire

You turn me on

Your piercing gaze

Awakens the beast within

It roars with passion for you

The pulsating beat

Mirrors my heart rate

Your very being intoxicates me

Drives me wild

Turning me on

Releasing carnal passions

From deep within my soul

I want you

I need you

I love you

Be mine!