Now I know how it feels to liberated,
As I'm free from my love of you.
I don't need you no more,
I'm no longer a deep shade of blue.
I can spread my wings and fly;
I no longer need to die.

I was always so stuck on you;
Never was there a day
I didn't pine for you love.
I was simply wasting away.
But know, I'm free from it all.
Free from the endless free-fall.

I've finally found the one for me,
'The one', that role you should have been.
I knew what you were missing [by not being with me]
But my dear, you should've seen
What I would've done for us,
And it wasn't simply just lust.

Now, I hand you back my chains,
The ones you bound me with your love.
I don't have to eat out of your palm no more,
And also, I'll give you a dove
To remind you of what we were never:
Like a bird flying without a feather.

Yes, I trusted you.
Yes, I wanted you.
Yes... I loved you.
But your love is past tense now.
It's not what I want no more.
It's not something I cry for no more.

But thank you, for being there.
Otherwise, I could never been so strong.
Because the pain I went through,
i had never tasted it for so long.
So don't think you weren't good for me
It's just something I've yet to see.