I see you standing there,
Your dark eyes gentle and fair,
Butterflies flutter within me,
Threatening to break free.
So close yet so far away,
I want you to forever stay,
But do you know of my existence,
Will you travel such a distance,
To reach my heart buried deep within,
Trapped by despair, darkness, and sin.
Are you brave enough to travel the path,
Will you be strong enough to face the wrath?
Or will you fail like all the rest,
Defeated by my internal test.
Yet, you seem different somehow,
So my heart tells me now.
I reach out to you,
And to my horror, my hand passes through.
Angry tears spill down my face, the air fills with my screams,
False hopes again destroy my dreams.
Will I ever have love of my own,
Or am I destined to be forever,