A/N: My absolute favorite poem. You can criticize all you want, but there's a 99.9999-repeating-% chance that I'll totally ignore you. ^_^ I love this poem the way it is, but please, feel free to make suggestions. Just know (as We Know!) you probably won't be heeded on this one.

But feel free to crumple up the other ones all you want.


We Know


I know how you like your ice cream,

with the cherry on the side

and how the nanna goes on top-

It deserves the attention, you explain.

You know that I can't stay asleep past ten

in the live long day and

haven't seen the end of a movie

since I was seven.

I know the way you love your men in uniform,

eyeing them sweetly as they pass

with a nudge to my side

and a chuckle in my ear.

You know the crimson-eyed man I loved-

and lost-

never having held him in my arms.

I know the very scent of your hair-

Pineapples with cinnamon spice a mingling

when you release it from its tie.

You know of my infamous culinary skills-

I can't cook without you looking

since the time I baked pizza the

dog wouldn't eat.

I know how someday

(maybe with that man in uniform),

You'd like to have and eat two children,

then birth a boy named

Joey and castrate him.

You know I fear the dark,

except for you- The Real Dark-

and slept with a night light by my bed

until I was eleven.

I know you don't want to get old,

asked to be done away with

by the time

you turn forty-

and I stopped you by promising

I'd get the beauty mark off my back

that just might be Cancer.

I know also these troubles will turn into triumphs.

When we're old in my beachside villa,

discussing exactly what vacation we'll choose for our children,

our grandchildren and your husband in uniform,

I'll sip my orange soda and say

"I love you, dark."

and I don't know now,

but maybe then you'll feel free to respond,

"Love you too, light."