-In a marching crowd
The flag I held
Gleamed in untouchable glory
So much that those on the
Sidelines gathered to marvel the spectacle
To honor the veterans
Of our wars not forgotten
To honor our residents
Who give hate a good name
To honor the separation
Which has earned us the haughty,
Greedy character of this nation
My flag didn't fail to represent such
A noble image
-When the Junkie approached me to displease
I taught the anti-American what was proper
In a self-righteous inconceivable screech
The Junkie spat upon my flag
I whirled in patriotic fervor
And smacked him on his skull
And in dignity I proclaimed,
"Son do you want to fight?"
His retort was a meek: "I'm all for peace"
In the most vehement of chauvinism
I stood up straight and said
"Where would we be without war, son?"
He replied
"Where would we be if we had never started?"