Hot Lovin'
By:Andrew Troy Keller

On the Sixteeth day of May,Leon Jackson
Was walkin' like a man on a mission
To the local subway station to catch a ride
Home and that's where she had to hide
From a sucka who wanted her and his son
To get married and his whole entire family
Become as happy as everyone could see.

There's only one problem with that idea:
The sucka's son is no true love to Stella
Brown,who's a Janet Jackson type beauty.

But those worries are long since gone,
Because she bumped into a dude named Leon
And when they look into each other's eyes,
Stella noticed that he's the right guy
For her to put the hot lovin' moves on.

After he invited her over to his pad,
They've done somethin' that's not so bad.

And after that,he asked to marry her,
Which is what they've done a year later--
And ever since,they're still in the same pad.