On Hold

Jennifer was having such a bad day. No! It was the worst day. All she wanted to do was go home, order some food, and relax with a good book. She pulled her beat up Chevy P.O.S (piece of shit) into her parking space in front of her run down apartment building. The engine sputtered and shut off before she touched the key. With a deep sigh, she gathered up her crap and got out.
As she walked up to the building, she noticed the faded, flaking dirt brown paint and the torn window screens. 'God, I hate this place!' She grabbed the handle of the main door and pulled. The handle came off in her hand; she dropped her purse, scattering everything across the front step. "FUCK!"
Jennifer knelt down and began cramming hair stuff, make-up, a cell phone, and tampons (she would be starting any day now) back into her purse. She slung her purse over her shoulder and tried to pry the door open with her fingers; three broken nails later, she was inside.
"Thank God," she said to her door. "Nothing bad can happen now." She reached into her bag a felt around for her keys. Not there. She tried to remember if they had fallen out when she dropped her bag. No, they hadn't fallen out. She couldn't remember taking them out of the car. Crap, she must have locked them in the car. On the verge of tears, she started back out to her car. As she reached the main door, she felt something heavy in her coat pocket bounce against her hip. She reached into her pocket and found.her keys!
Maybe she wasn't cursed. Maybe everything that could go wrong today wouldn't. There was hope! She took out her keys and unlocked the door. 'Okay, I'm home, everything will be okay.'
Jennifer dropped her purse on the floor and her coat next to it, walked into the kitchen, found a Chinese food menu in the junk drawer and a cold beer in the fridge, and settled into the couch in the living room. She grabbed the phone and the remote control off the end stand; she would turn on the news (to see the accident that had added an hour to her drive home) and order some sesame chicken. She hit the power button on the controller, the TV screen filled with gray white static; the cable was out.
Dammit! She sighed, picked up her book, and set it on her lap; time to order some food. She looked at the phone and dialed the number by heart.
"Hello," a young woman's voice said.
Jennifer was surprised to hear the words; they were spoken in perfect English. She hadn't ordered from Hunan East in, at least, three months. But before that every time she'd called, there'd been an old Asian man or woman answering the phone. She tried to sound as pleasant as possible. "Um.Is this Hunan East?" Maybe she'd dialed the wrong number. "I'd like to place an order for delivery."
"Oh yes, I'm sorry; what would you like?"
What the hell, she was gonna splurge. "I'd like an order of pork barbeque, an order of crab rangoon, and a large sesame chicken."
"Pork barbeque, crab rangoon, and a large sesame chicken, will that be all?" the woman asked, sounding annoyed.
"918 South Frederick Avenue."
"It will be about twenty or thirty minutes."
"Okay, could I get a total please?"
"Okay, could you hold please?"
She sat there listening to nothing on the phone and looking around her living room. She needed to clean, badly. The dust on the TV was too thick to see the black screen, the coffee table was overflowing with unread magazines and newspapers, and there were clothes, shoes, and trash scattered all across the living room floor. She didn't want to think about it now. Still holding the phone to her ear, she picked up her beer, opened it with one hand, and took a hearty gulp. 'What the hell is taking so long?'
Jennifer cradled the phone against her shoulder and opened her book. She tried to stay calm but it wasn't working. Her heart was racing, her face felt hot, and the long deep breaths weren't helping. After reading three paragraphs, she realized that she'd had enough. 'That's it!' She threw her book across the room, hung up the phone, and stomped to her bedroom. She found what she was looking for in her nightstand drawer.
She carried the .38 special out of the bedroom. The plan was to drive to the little Chinese restaurant and shoot the bitch that had put her on hold in the face. She snatched up her purse off the living room floor and tucked the gun inside.
As she made her way to the door, the doorbell rang. She jerked the door open and yelled, "WHAT?"
A young girl with kinky blonde stood in front of her with an annoyed look on her face. She raised a silenced 9mm Glock and shot Jennifer in the face.

Melody tucked the gun into her bag and walked out of the apartment building. 'Three fucking months and I'm still gettin' calls for Chinese food. I'm having such a bad day.'