Our AP English class every year puts out a literary magazine containing 3
works by each student: one prose, one poetry, and a poem on a subject
chosen by the teacher. This year, everyone in the class had to write an ode
to an inanimate object. I chose to write an ode to an aglet, the little
plastic tip on the end of a shoelace. With wonderful parody, of course, of
Whitman, Frost, and Browning. Enjoy!

O Aglet, my aglet!
I hear my shoelaces singing,
Those praising carols I hear!
Two laces converged on a tongue,
And I, I tied the one less often tied,
And now my shoe stays on!
Dearest aglet, without you,
I don't know what I'd do.
How do I love thee,
I cannot count the ways.
My lace would fail without thee,
My shoes would go a-tumbling.
Life is easy.
Shoes are happy.
Because of you, O aglet.
But my sock still smells so funny.

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